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So I have purchased in the past few weeks:
  • Market Samurai
  • KeywordMapPro
  • TrendMinerPro
  • QuestionSpy
  • VidSpyPro
  • Keyword Grouper

What I am wondering is what might be the best tactic to take a list of word that is related to my field (Ex. Tents, backpacks, camping, etc.) then have a tool that will shuffle them into phrases, and then be able to look at the SEO potential for each of the phrases that were generated. Am I a complete noob, or should the tools above or a combination of them be able to do this?

Thanks for the help everyone. My guess is that these are great products, I'm just having an ID10T error. :-)
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    It appears, you are in need of direction about your goals and how to gain the knowledge required, how to create a strategy and implement your plan.
    My advice is to contact a good coach who specifically helps newbies to get results.
    Contact: Andy Waring
    he has lots to help you and is a trusted helpful guy!

    good luck

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    I would get refunds on all of them. Tools do a lousy job of judging how difficult keywords are to rank.

    Moz's tool is probably the only one that at least attempts to factor in the quality of links (which is the #1 ranking factor) when it tries to judge keywords, but even then it is just based on their link database which is very lacking.

    Oh, and stop listening to marketing gurus and put away your credit card for awhile.
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    So often, we see people who think that throwing more money at things actually will help them. Get a good course and learn the basics. There are some good tools out there (none of which I saw listed) but they are all useless if you do not have a core understanding of how eCommerce works.
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