How to Promote a Florist website in India?

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I want to promote a florist ( Flower, Gift and Cake delivery Website) in Indian market. I have developed website with good speed hosting and https domain and added original content .

Apart from google local listing and offpage promotion what more steps I should take to get a lot of leads and to compete big players in same services.

If PPC then which one is most profitable for this niche ( adwords , bing or fb) ?

One more thing I have started PPC on google but no results after 50 clicks. no single call.

Need serious suggestion which I will implement and will update results on regular basis and will say thanks If I start getting proper leads and conversions.
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    Do you want to rank your website only in India not globally? If yes, then you should target local visitors and location competitors. This will help you to rank your keywords in your country.
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      yes Local only India. and what main activies should I do ? apart from mentioned.
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        According to me, FB is the most profitable niche if you want to go with PPC.

        Email Marketing is also an effective way to get in touch with users. It is a great way to drive more leads and consistently fill your sales funnel.
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        Then you should target your local competitors. And create few social media pages. So that the local users got to know about your company and products.
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    SEO is the best way to promote your business and use business card.
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    If you want to promote your website, you can explore both unpaid and paid (if budget permits).

    1) Create a page for your business on FB
    2) Have Twitter profile
    3) Post regularly on these platforms
    4) Pinterest can also be effective medium
    5) Focus more in images (showcase flower images, customized bouquets, etc)
    6) Use Google+
    7) Optimize your website for important keywords (you can use Keyword Planner to identify keyword ideas)
    8) Showcase important information on your website, such as price, your service area, flower variety, etc.
    9) Email marketing

    1) Post ad on Adwords with location targeting
    2) Also use FB ad

    I would suggest you go for unpaid ideas first and see what is working and what is not working for you. This will help you allocate budget to important resources.

    Coming Soon...

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    According to me you can promote your business on locally. SEO is the best option for you. You can also try to paid services like, FB ads.
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    you are not a pro in this question, it it better to hire a pro to do to make your business grow, try to find a freelancer with expirience
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    Choose from hundreds of unique, predesigned templates to create your website and sell flowers online.
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      I am even not sure. His website is flower related?
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  • As per the niche, Social media will play important role here.

    Go with Instagram, Facebook and then Twitter.

    For Local Business, People will be looking on the mobile so Focus on Google Local Listing or Google places.

    If You are targeting most of the part from India, Try to include and optimize with the big city names. Include City names in Content. If possible create pages targeted to particular city and optimize accordingly.

    ** Story Telling The New Marketing**
    Create Stories - It will be easy for your business to create a story for birthdays or anniversaries. Post on Youtube and Social media like instagram of facebook. Make it Viral. Create Story and Try for Guest Blogging. There are So many Blogger ask for their Favor.

    Customers are best way to promote any product - Offer them best services and they will definitely suggest their friends and family.

    Ask to share their reviews. It will create brand image and brand mentions.

    Create Events..

    Hope these insights will help you to promote your business Online.
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    Originally Posted by 1GreatCPA View Post

    I want to promote a florist ( Flower, Gift and Cake delivery Website) in Indian market. I have developed website with good speed hosting and https domain and added original content .
    What the frick does that have to do with selling flowers in india?

    You people have no clue about yoou just rattle off a bunch of nonsense...

    Pinterest? Google+? Create stories?!?!?! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you really did have a flower business, somewhere in india, you would have started with a business plan. A real business plan is not getting a website and hoping you get in google.

    Of course it might be good to mention that 85% of the people in India DO NOT even use the internet....


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      You are right . But we are talking about targeting 15% of users who use internet and most of the buyers are from rich n creamy layer who know about online florist and have money to order online flower , cake and gifts. Those who have no access to internet rarely order .
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