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I have read a lot back-linking and I understand the concept but I would like to know best practices for today's requirements to have a successful site found on the web
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    I used a service that posted a variety of different links types over a couple of months and it worked really well. This is suppose to make the links look like they just formed naturally.

    I dont think just posting one link type over and over again works because Google can spot that
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    The best and simplest form of getting backlinks is guest posting.
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    One of the best source of baclinking first you need to search in google what particular niche. Then extract all first 100 found I serps then after that kindly contact each of the website or try to negotiate with regards about the back link. Make sure your proposal letter is professionally written. Locate their contact us form and send them a predefined template. If no contact us form you can also manually extract the email address by using domain look up. Pretty much boring task but it is really worth in the long run. Cheers!
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  • Debbie,

    Hi there.

    Think of a "backlink" as a vote for your site and also like a fishing pole going out to people that you want to attract.

    The more quality backlinks (backlinks that are related to your topic from good sites) that you get, the better!
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    The main requirement is pretty simple- the more reliable, relevant resources link to a page, the more useful and valuable high ranked that page will become.
    Apart from the other techniques, evaluation of competitors' backlink profiles can give you insight into their link strategy and help to spot some valuable link building opportunities for your own site to see what will help you to outrank them at the next step.
    So, make it a regular practice to constantly audit your and your competitors' backlink profiles for lots of useful information it may provide you with.
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    A healthy backlink profile should be diverse and look natural, and contain no links from irrelevant spam sites.

    So you may combine nofollow links from blogs/forum commenting, social networks, 2.0 links, etc; but put more thoughtful efforts into getting valuable links - research the niche and think of some relevant sites that are not your direct competitors (you run a recipes site - find a local gym to mention you in its 'healthy food' blog, participate in the local cafe event as a guest-chef, and so on). It`s also a great tip to analyze the competitors - you can compare the backlink profiles of several of them and find the intersections, to detect the resources that are likely to link to websites like yours.
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