How to choose the best keyword to Rank 1st On google ?

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Hi. Everyone. I am new on this forum.

I like to get more organic visits on my website. i dont know about how to choose the best keywords for my website and How to rank that keyword first on search engine.

Its my site link :

If its possible, share the best keyword for my website.

Thank you
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    Please research your competitor websites onpage details and you may found best keyword suggestion from their itself.
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    Good Day,

    I would suggest to find for best keywords related to your stream on job using google adware tool, which is one of the best way to find the keywords.
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    I'm using 2 tools to get free reaserch.
    First go to Google Adwords key planner and search the main keyword. In your topic it is tech, tech news, technology, etc. If the statistics of this keyword are satisfying, copy this keyword to site.
    There you will get big list of related keywords. Next copy this keywords to Google Adwords key planner and check by statistics which keywords is the best.
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    Use Google keyword planner to find the keywords.
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      Good keyword planner is one of the best for choosing keywords with free of cost, but i don't know how to check CPC ( Cost per Click ) on Keyword planner.

      Its possible to check cpc for keywords in Keyword planner ?
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    You mean you don't know what your site is about?

    You don't know your audience?

    You don't know what you are writing about?

    You made a website....but don't know what you made it on?

    Okay, go for mesothelioma. Or student loan consolidation.

    Those are GREAT keywords.

    Now, why does that sound silly? B I N G O!

    There are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many people on the internet.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      I am not a seo expert. Most of them told me seo is the best way to get organic traffic. thats why i ask it. if you know then share the seo tips otherwise no problem
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    You should do some research on your competitors and prepare the list of keywords then use Google Keyword planner to know its search volume which will give the idea for choosing the right keywords which are useful for your website to generate leads & potential traffic 7 customers.
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    As you run the website, So i think you have many keywords but one question is which one is the best? how to choose it? May be you use google analytic. There you can check which is your post is getting more and more traffic Find out that post. Than that post's keyword would be the best keyword for your website becasue you are getting more traffic for this keyword.after that you can take care that keyword(post). Moreover if you need more keyword for your website you can use Google keyword planner, etc.
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  • Google Adwords keyword planner is the best for keyword researching. If you don't know, how to way do that so go youtube and search " how to choose the best keyword" so you can get a lot of videos and after watching those videos I hope you can get a lot of tips and ideas to find the best keyword of your targeted website.
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    Choose keywords that match closely to your site content or each article on your site. You need to spend more time to research about your audiences, your competitors, your markets or many things related to you site. IMO
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    You can use Google Keyword Planner. It is one of the best and free tools. You can use other paid tools. I am using Keyword Planner. So I can tell about it.
    I get enough benefits from this tool.
    If you want to select the best keywords, you must select long tail keywords that has low competition and average monthly search.
    In this purpose, Google Keyword Planner can be your best choice.
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    1. For this keyword, optimize your page - Title, Meta Description, URL, Keyword in H1 etc.
    2. Do the on-page SEO accordingly and get A grade from Moz's on page Grader.
    3. Get some local citation on the page as well.
    4. Some off-page activities for that page such as guest post, forum posting etc.
    5. Don't forget social media.
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    You should choose the long tail keywords relevant to your business and also see your competitor websites on-page details. You should add your city or state name in your keyword and take the help of Google's Adwords Keyword Planner to find the related keyword according to business.
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    If you have a website and got no idea about the niche and the topics it covers - you should start with researching the niche first.

    If you have some core niche keywords and you are looking to work further on that list - then try any keyword research tool suggested across the forum. I`d personally recommend RankTracker from SEO PowerSuite, great for starter. It has lots of sources implemented to get the keyword suggestions from, and can analyze lots of aspects, so that you could come up with keywords really suitable for you in terms of relevance and competition. You can also make use of building a keyword map, as the topic is broad and you have several separate categories.
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    Use Google keyword planner to find the keywords.
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    To know the best Keyword for your website, use "Google AdWords" keyword planner. You just type a user-defined keyword or the keyword you think that will be the best for your website in the search box of Keyword Planner. Wait for less than 15 seconds and you will get a list of related keywords with their monthly average search results. You can pick the most searched keyword for better results. This is the best and easiest way to choose a keyword.

    Or You can analyze your competitor's website that what keywords He/She is using for his/her website.
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    You can always run a research on your competitor websites. Else you can find the more frequently searched keywords related to your business profile.
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  • There are many ways to increase organic traffic ---
    1. keywords research in google keyword planner and create a keyword database
    2. Post quality content (500+words) regular basis
    3. Use long tail keywords in the content
    4. You can use social media
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    I am using Google keyword planner tool for choosing the best keyword. First of all, I make the list of keywords using by my competitor's and then do some analysis on that. With the help of keyword planner tool, I choose the best keyword which competition has Low, and monthly searches has high.
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    Do keyword research with a Google AdWord keyword planner or analyze your competitor's campaign.
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      Shall i know how to analyze competitors keywords . any free tools is available ?
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    Bing webmaster tools also has a great keyword generator. Although Bing isn't the top search engine the keyword terms should be similar. It lists out all of the keywords and how many times it has been searched that month. I think its a new feature. It also has a lot of other great tools you can use to check the SEO on your website.
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    You can go to to see what keywords your competitors are searching for and also how they are getting their traffic.
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    One of the best Keyword analysis tool called "Google keyword planner" where you can know keyword competition and search ratio. So choose the best keywords for your website in the search box of Keyword Planner. This is the best and easiest way to choose a keyword for website which I use for keyword analysis.
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    Use keyword planner to find the keywords and research what keywords are being used by your competitor. Choose the keywords which are:
    1. Keywords with good volume
    2. Keywords that are relevant to your business
    3. Long tail keywords
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    I always use keyword planner for adwords. Sometimes I also used or google trends. I keep developing my website- or rather, I try to do it By the way, can anyone recommend a good book with up-to-date information?
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    hey there

    thats a great question.. the best way todo that is to use the google keyword tool planner
    go to
    open a free account
    then click onto keyword planner tool from
    drop down menu
    enter your keyword into the box that is provided
    click "get ideas"
    google will give you best keyword ideas from your keyword to rank to the top..
    it will take a little while to get rank however if you use
    these keywords ideas on a daily basis you will get rank in very little time

    sam f
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    I would like to suggest you to first find your competitor's website and lookup their keywords what they are using for optimizing their website.
    If your competitor is local where you are looking for targeting your website then you can use their keywords similarly but first search best and medium competition keywords by using Google Keyword Planner and you can compare your keywords with your competitor's keywords and choose your best keywords and apply in your website.
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    Google keyword planner is your best option as it is free and you can actually see how it will cost you if you run PPC ad campaign.
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    I like Google Adwords Key Planner, it's quite good and free
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    You can use google ad-word. there you can get more option for keyword research
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    To find out the best keywords for your site there are so many tools are available.Among those word tracker and google adwords keyword planner tool are good to find out best keywords to your site.
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    Use SEMRUSH if you can afford it.Put the top 3 competitor websites in Semrush and get the best keywords from them Now if you want the free method then go to Keyword planner, I am sure that you are beginner in this field so chose the low competition keywords that's it
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    To find best keywords for your website,you can do keyword research by different tools such as google keyword planner, keyword everywhere extension etc.
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    Use keyword research research tool to choose the best keyword . And choose that keyword which define your content and when user search about services that you are provided then he and she easily find you with that keyword.
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    You know about your business better than us. so first select your marketing country before doing the keyword research. Google keyword planner tool, tool is the great tool to do keyword research for your website.
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    Keyword planner is the most popular for keyword research.You can also use Keyword Everywhere Extention with google chromo/firefox.
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    Use keyword planner and do research for your keywords and use them on websites on-page content to get the best results.
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    You can use Google keyword planner, you can get best keyword for your website. Choose the relevant keyword for your website.
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    Keyword Planner is the most popular free keyword research in google.You can also use Keyword Everywhere Extension with google Chrome/Firefox.
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