Are press releases a good way of marketing?

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Hi all, Im newbie
Have you ever thought about using Press Release in marketing?
I need you opinion about it
Thank all
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    The Press release is not trending now days. This is depends upon your product and marketing style. Press release get you many good back links also. If your release is successful get traffic to your site.
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    Yeah, its good for outreach specially mass exposure. It helps tremendously for brand awarness.
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    Press release is one of the technique, which can be used to generate a good backlinks to the website. But, before using make sure that your content is unique and the information which you are posting should be released in the magazines.
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    Hepo, Press release is one of the best way of marketing. But if you think just press release is important in SEO than you changed your thinking. Various information about website traffic
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    Press release can be good way of marketing, if your content is useful to read. What you write in Press Release is more important than where you market it.
    Your companies big events, announcements, mergers, new services update news can be used to write press release.

    The alternative of Press Release submission is blog posting on third party platforms like Medium, inbound, growthhackers, SlashDot etc.
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  • Yes , Press releases must be seen as part of an overall SEO strategy and the contents most certainly needs to be newsworthy. The title of your PR must contain the "long tail" search terms that your product and service is all about, as this is important for SEO purposes.
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    Be careful with press releases for backlink purposes. They can easily over optimize sites that currently have a low numbers of links.
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    Press release is the best way to increase traffic and ranking. It is a best way to gain back links for your site
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    WRONG AGAIN, people (at least many of you). While press releases are certainly a valid way of creating awareness about a brand or story - especially one that is a current event - they are pretty useless for SEO. Press releases come and go on websites. Your press release today will be replaced by another one and another one and another one. Press releases are for quick spurts of traffic, not for long term SEO benefits. They all are eventually deleted - at least on any site that matters.
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    Originally Posted by viwixupo View Post

    Have you ever thought about using Press Release in marketing?
    I need you opinion about it
    Everything including shouting on intersections would help marketing
    the same way butter wouldn't spoil but will make toast taste better.

    If you're talking about SEO, then it would only if you will spread word
    everywhere people would be interested to hear what you have to offer.

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    Press release is best tool to get popularity; promotion might be a good way of marketing if your aim is to develop brand identification and belief within market players.
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    Yes, it is a great tool of marketing. It is no longer restricted to be a public relation tool. Be it offline or online, you can always take the support of a press release to announce your success, expansion or innovation. It is a medium to express any news related to your brand to all those who is your customer or potential customer. Recently, I saw that renowned digital marketing agencies are also using press release as their marketing tool and also recommending their clients to do so. You can get an idea how to use press release for effective marketing on Press Release page on Techmagnate website.

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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    Press Release is not one of a good way of the marketing but it is the best way of announcing news of the business either it is related to products, events, tie up etc. etc. It is kind of written or video communication. It is the best way to aware people about business/company related updates.
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