How do I increase the ranking of my site?

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Hello friends! my website rank is going down where as i am using all effort to make good position.

Please suggest me how i can improve the rank of my site.

I am waiting for your reply.
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    Hiii vijayzxc01,
    My point of view you can audit your website try to find any broken links, page not found errors etc and analyse your webmaster tool ...than after targets proper of page activities like Directories submission, Social Bookmarking submission. so your traffic will increases.
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    vijay writing blogs for you own site, or doing guest blogging by writing articles for other top authority sites is probably the best organic way to go about things...however if you want fast results you will need to shell out money by opting for Google Adwords which is somewhat expensive but surely a game changer in long run...
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    Nowadays alexa rank doesnt matter much. Remove unnecessary links from site, keep building links and keep sharing stuff on social media networks. Thats all what is needed!
    Supercharge Your Social Campaign With Us
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    you can write a good post and can use parasite to boost your rank,its works great for traffic and ranking.
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    You want to Increase Your Website ranking, Sales, and Money. I will Provide You Some Important

    1.Unique Content
    2.Social Media
    3.Target Keywords
    4.Blogs, Articles,Press Release
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    Here are some important strategies to increase your website ranking:
    Social bookmarking
    Article submission with good content
    Infographics submission
    Blog commenting
    Forum commenting
    Image posting
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  • Some tips from me.
    • Getting your website audited from a paid or premium service like ahref or gtmetrix is a step in the right direction to identify on-page issues of your site.
    • Write "copyscape pass" relevant content for your products/services along with beautifully designed infographics which showcase your workflow.
    • Social Media very IMPORTANT. Post news and updates relevant to your business on social networks. Social Traffic is a major source of probable leads for your business.
    • Social Media Marketing e.g. ads on facebook, instagram & twitter is a good way to generate brand awareness and also lead generation.
    • Search Engine Marketing is another way of posting ads on search engines which will surely boost your enquires about your business and probably leads.

    I understand these steps require a substantial amount of investment in SEO & Digital Marketing Campaign but in the long term these WILL profit your business.
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    I Saw your website score in GTMETRIX and it was good try to compress your website cause your site taking too much time to open try to open in 5 to 10 Second.

    and do Blog and SMO only !

    Best Regards
    Roadpoint Limited
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    Hi Vijay,

    As i advice every time, peoples interaction is very much essential for any website to rank better. I would suggest you to have a common chat session about your service.
    Intenet Marketer since 2012, Contact me if you have any doubts, i believe i can help you
    SkypeId: live:m.anandnataraj | FaceBook:
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  • Hi,
    My view point
    Check Out:
    1. You audit your website
    2. Analyse your website tool
    3. Content unique test
    4. Check Backlink
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    There are many strategies that you can use to improve your web ranking. one of them that i will suggest you is business listing, business listing help you in local SEO you can list your business at Google my business, Bing Places, yelp this will help you to rank your website in search engine.
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    Both on-page and off-page SEO along with social media marketing helps for better ranking and visibility of website in search engines. Among which some of the SEO off-page activity used now a days for better ranking:

    Article SUbmission
    Guest Posting
    Forum Posting
    Infographic submission
    Blog Submission.
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    Use website analytics tool you would get good solution and analyses your website content.
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    Check weather you are not following penguin updates,creating a lot of links will not guarantee to get you top ranking.Post relevant contents of your niche following penguine,keywords will certainly improve.
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    Hi, Facebook can be used to increase visitor on your website, through this you have to need to create a Facebook fan page for your website and need to be active there by posting some unique content, and some time you have to need to be paid campaign by your targeted area. Thanks.
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    There is no specific answer to this question,

    Follow all the guidelines and organic SEO practices.
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    • Profile picture of the author vijayzxc01
      Hi Tabassum,

      I followed all SEO techniques which can be useful for me, but still i am facing the problem.
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    I found that your site has a high PA / DA. How can you do that?
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    Hi Vijazxc01, You can't apply same SEO strategy for all the niches. For your niche, you should add more effort on content marketing. Here are my few suggestions,

    1. Try to identify the keywords with high search volume and low/mid competition for your existing blog posts

    2. Optimize your blog posts with discovered keywords

    3. Share the blog posts on relevant Google plus communities and other major social medias

    4. Build few links with good quality (Sites like Reddit, stumbleupon and other high DA sites)

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you any further info on this.
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  • Try to best effort on SMM for your targeted website. Now a days Social Media Marketing is one of the best way to get organic traffic that help you increase rank in Google
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  • I will suggest you that build quality backlinks to your site from high authority pages in your or related niche.
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    you can do following works - submissions bookmarking commenting posting
    5.infographic submissions
    6.article submissions
    7.local business listing works

    and many more off page work to make huge backlinks
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    Try to make quality posts and make backlinks by doing guest blogging
    Your ranking and traffic will increase in short time
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    You need to research keywords and focus on easy keywords, easy keywords will rank easier
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    You should improve Onpage-SEO and put all effort to Offpage-SEO by getting backlinks as much as possible from good resources:
    - Web/blog 2.0
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Video Upload
    - File Sharing
    - Forum
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  • Hello

    Try creating more back links. Also asking your current clientele to leave you positive reviews should increase your rankings as well.

    Hope this helps!
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    you would need high quality pr backlinks
    you can do it yourself with free or pay traffic

    you can create free high quality backlinks
    from sites like worrior forum, reddit, tumblr
    just to name a few
    this will take some time but its dooable a few months

    You can buy these same backlinks if you have some cash

    i can recommend
    they are cheap but have a good selection of payed traffic sources if you know what you are looking for

    talk soon

    sam f
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  • Profile picture of the author Neha Kaushik
    High quality content
    Keyword research
    social media
    blog commenting
    Quora posting
    Many things that you should to rank your website. But with each task your content should be informational that a thing which is must.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nikhil Bansal
    If you improve your website ranking so please check your competitors links and do back-linking on higher back-link use of ah-refs,back-link checker, Semursh and other tool. Please update on social media and do some task like form posting, blog commenting, blog posting, guest-posting, PBN.

    Best of Luck
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    Create the high quality of back link and work on meta tags.
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