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Hello there,

I would like to hear from some experienced in Search Engine Optimization there about Link Pyramid and if it is really a blackhat SEO ?

If so what could you advice me instead ?
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    The links that buying from all empty and crap sites are not useful and it can cause some bad effects like spam.

    You should be carefull when you are buying. According to some SEO experts, it is not useful but mostly link pyramid so usefull. It is not concerned with blackhat SEO.
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      Thanks for your reply

      I read a lot on internet that say that link pyramids is concerned with blackhat seo.
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    Yes, Link pyramid is an all-in-one SEO technique to interlink all backlinks of the site to increase the indexing of the site.
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      Yes, But i want to know if it is a safe strategy for google or not ?
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  • Please avoid Link pyramid even don't think about it... only it is for the knowledge...
    Try and Go with "Ethical White Hat Organic Link building techniques"
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      Thanks Christophernoahus,

      But until now, no one has told me if it is not allowed with google and it's user risk to be banned ?
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    Link pyramids are scheming, they can be spotted by search engines, not recommended. If you just can't stay away, make sure first tier backlinks are of high quality at least.

    Keyword Rank Tracker - AntRanks

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