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Hi SEO experta, How to rank my video number one in specific keyword? I have 3 subscriber and uploading video for 1st time. Can I buy youtube views,like ,comments from sites like fiver,seoclerk etc to rank to top?
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    There are two categories in Youtube ranking factors. There's your Video Content and then there's your User Engagement. These two things make up pretty much most of your Youtube SEO. You see, Youtube's search engine does not work like how Google does. Youtube's search engine cannot directly tell if your keywords are inside the video. We should follow bellow guidelines for that:-

    Video Content Factors
    Channel Authority
    Content Delivery
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    • Could you explain a bit more transcription, channel Authority and Content Delivery. I have made a video considering other factors you listed above but was a flop.
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    I wouldn`t go with buying views and stuff, you`d better try to optimize the videos the best way you can, and you`ll gradually gain the views and likes naturally, if the content is actually any good. To optimize a video you should focus on the title and description - write a unique and thorough one as Google cannot watch the video to evaluate its gist and relevance. Then spread the word and share the video across socials and elsewhere (where it really fits) to steer viewers to it.
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