How do I improve my webshop's traffic?

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Hi guys,

I have a webshop in a very competitive market namely the fitness industry (supplements)
I am trying to improve my traffic since the max visitors i had is only 16 a day.

Thing i tried so far to improve:

- Finding the right keywords
- Getting backlinks, but this is almost not possible.
- Find broken links, seems also impossible
- Optimized page speed
- Creating blogs, but this is very time-consuming.

What is in your opininion the best way to gain traffic?
- facebook
- google ads

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    I don't want to sound harsh, but 16 visitors a day is not traffic - those are just some random people.
    But, luckily, things can be always improved.
    I would suggest mimicking other web sites, did you noticed, they always have new offers and time limited discounts, and offers like: "buy 2 get one for free" - You have to be creative.
    I would also suggest joining some freelancer websites to find people to write a blog articles for you - I agree it is time-consuming, and there are other people who can write it for you for as little as $10.
    And most important, you have to start to build your email list.
    Put simple subscribe button, and give something for free to bribe them - it can be a simple diet-week-menu.
    And yes, running some Google-ads would also help.
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    Originally Posted by SupplementNL View Post

    Hi guys,

    I have a webshop in a very competitive market namely the fitness industry (supplements)
    I am trying to improve my traffic since the max visitors i had is only 16 a day.

    What is in your opininion the best way to gain traffic?
    - facebook
    - google ads

    1. Spend millions on advertising.
    2. Be prepared to lose millions for 5 years.


    1. Get the crazy idea out of your head.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Does your site appear in the Search? On what page?
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    if are you a online marketer per day 16 visitors is not enough for you,
    actually if your will doing post social media site i think that you will drive more traffic in your website
    however you have change your marketing plane and some investment high power fully seo for your money site, then you will get more traffic everydays

    24/7 SEO Support Trafficshouter

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      Could you tell me how to invest to get high traffic? how much for it?
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    Social Media and related High PR and DA, PA backlinks.
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      Thanks curlt, appreciate your input!

      I will add this chat box to my site, i did already install push notifications using the plugin "one signal push" but i am not sure i did it correctly.
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    If you have a website and you need traffic in you website so first of all you should post quality content and also depend on your service how much effective, if our website has any error and search engines crawl our web pages then we loss our web traffic.
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      Hi man, thanks appreciate your input.

      I did a course on SEO in which the guy explained how Google looks at your content, he said posts should be around 1700 words, include references, great quality pictures, info graphics, etc.

      But i am trying to accomplish this but it is so time consuming, to create just one post.
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    1) PPC(google or bing)
    3)parasite to drive traffic from google to your website or landing page
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    As you are running a supplements webshop you can expect a great business if you focus on facebook ads. You can even invest in instagram ads as there are many fitness enthusiasts are there in both these social media platforms.

    If you are good enough to handle paid advertising campaigns on facebook and instagram you can allot few bucks for social media ads else approach a company who can offer smm services at best possible prices.

    A passionate Digital Marketing analyst. With proficiency in web and Graphic design.

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      Hi Sarah, thanks for your input, appreciate it!

      I am not sure how i make a good ad, should i add products as an image attached to the ad or some stock image, or a blog post to attract visitors to my website?
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    what you tried to improve the traffic is correct.those things helps to get high traffic.
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    Engage more communication with social media for quick result. I hope this will help you to get more traffic.
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    Does your site appear in SERP? If not then submitted website URL to aal major search engines.
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  • It all depends on a number of products you have, but these days you need a Google Shopping campaign in order to be competitive in your field.

    Google AdWords Shopping campaigns are the best way to start with the paid ads when you have an eCommerce store. Usually, their ROAS is several times higher than with the regular search campaigns.

    If you need more info or would like someone with experience in that field to help you, just let me know.
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  • Try to do niche related social bookmarking, participate in forum discussions, do web 2.0 submissions, if possible make guest postings also to gain traffic organically.
    In my opinion, Google Ads is the best way to gain traffic instantly.
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    Facebook Ads are very cost effective ( make sure you set a budget)
    Google Ads are great as well.

    Try going into twitter search. Search your niche and see whos talking about it. Spark a conversation with someone. Dont immediately promote yourself but get some feedback on what they are experiencing with the niche. and then slightly promote. It will provoke traffic. Try this with several people but dont spam.

    Hope this was helpful.
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    Here are some tips or ways to get the word out for free. To get your page up to the top of the search engines here are seven website promotion tips you need to follow, and practice in order to get effective results:

    1. Focus on the SEO of your website.
    2. Social Media Marketing or SMM
    3. Create a signature for your brand
    4. Use of search engines to get search engine listing
    5. Quality Content will get you the desired result
    6. Reciprocal Linking
    7. Use Google Local Business
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    List building is very important as you drive traffic. You can build an email list as well as Push subscriber list. Then send them a notification or email to get them back.

    Using the list you can retarget the customers in Facebook and Google as well.

    We use for Browser Push, as they also have email integration. For sending emails we use Sendy.
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    16 visitors sounds a bit less mate. As far as your situation goes, you need to do a lot of things more than SEO. Let's take a quick look.

    1. SMO
    Engage your venture in multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. Social media is the place where the maximum no of visitors are online at a given point of time and you should not miss this opportunity to advertise.

    2. Google Ads -
    First comes Adwords. If its in your budget, then publish your website to Google's first page using their Adwords campaign. It provides significant traffic boost.
    On the other hand, you can opt for Adsense services to post your website's ads on multiple websites.
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