6 key points to improve your SEO in 2017

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It is now essential for a company to make a place in the digital age thanks to SEO. Its power is a true engine to help you generate leads and convert them into customers. SEO trends are constantly evolving and we are going to deliver the best practices to remember for 2017!

Optimize your content for future customers
Internet users today know exactly what they want, search engines offer them results that best meet their needs.

You must therefore write for your customers to be sure to have the right "wording" in order to optimize your SEO. Imagine complete queries that will lead to accurate landing pages. By working specific requests called "long tail" , you improve your ranking and conversion rates because your offer meets the specific needs of the user.


1) Collect the keywords that work: question your contacts about how they found you on the web, specifically the keyword queries they used. This can give you information about the type of keywords you should optimize.

2) Discover how your target describes its problems : SEO strategies are now more focused on responding to end-user problems in their searches. Your page must therefore offer solutions in order to attract qualified prospects and optimize your conversion rate.

3) Analyze your customers' data to see trends: your CRM will allow you, thanks to the purchasing data of your customers, to reveal trends and identify the best-selling products / services. This will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Switch to HTTPS for more confidence
Google announced that as of January 2017, all sites not using an "HTTPS" protocol will be marked as "unsecured" sites. It is therefore important to migrate your site to "HTTPS" by acquiring an SSL security certificate (which costs between 15 and 200 euros per year) so as not to impact your ranking in the search results.

What are the benefits?

- This reinforces the confidence of the Net surfers to your site
- This improves your natural SEO

Think Mobile First for More Leads
According to a study by Yooda, 53% of French sites are still unsuitable for mobile. Knowing that more than 6 French out of 10 are mobile users, and that B2B decision makers are all equipped with smartphones, it is now unlikely for a company not to have a mobile-friendly website for lead generation. Why ?

If your site is not responsive or adaptive, you will be penalized in terms of positioning and your competitors will take your place.
It is strongly recommended to offer a mobile app for your customers to offer them a better user experience.

Highlight Video content
With the rise of Youtube, social video functionality (Twitter, Facebook ...), video will become by 2020 the main type of content shared according to Facebook! Hence the advantage of using it in your strategy of Content Marketing. This not only allows you to boost traffic to your site, but also adds value to your editorial content.

Tips: There are several types of content that you can highlight for your strategy: webinars, step-by-step tutorials about using a product / service, Q & A sessions ...

Use social media smartly
Did you know that you should use social media to improve your SEO? Indeed, by doing "linking" , that is to say by relaying content that redirects to pages of your website, you will improve your ranking with the clicks that you will have generated.

Example: You publish a testimonial on a landing page of your site, share it on your Twitter account and LinkedIn to generate traffic and leads thanks to the different CTAs that you have defined on your page.

Intelligently manage leads generated by your site
A good SEO is essential to have traffic on your site but once this step is successful, how will you convert your visitors into customers? It is imperative to consider the ergonomics of your landing pages, the names, shapes and colors of your CTA (call-to-action) and the fields to fill in your forms.

Tips: To optimize your conversion rates, we recommend the free solution of AB testing: Kameleoon.

You must then have the right internal processes and be equipped with a CRM adapted to your business to quickly and easily manage all your incoming requests.

Your B2B CRM manages the forms of your sites , it automatically assigns incoming requests to the right channels (free test, contact, demo ...). If more than one person is responsible for incoming requests, the CRM can assign specific channels to avoid duplication. It also scales the priorities of the requests based on the responses completed in the forms. You will be able to launch a marketing campaign according to your objectives and your processes.

Example: a user completes the contact form on your site, this request arrives directly in the "contact" channel of your CRM. Internally you have decided to process these requests by e-mail, this lead is immediately sent to the person concerned.
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