3 Reasons Why You Need Keyword Research Software

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One may fail to understand why he/she ought to incur costs in purchasing keyword research tools while one can easily get free keywords. Google has made it possible to acquire free Google Adwords hence; making most SEO satisfied.

What we may be forgetting is that sometimes cheap can be expensive in terms of missed opportunities, time and effort. Before you dispute this, here are reasons why you may consider obtaining a quality keyword research tool.

i. There is need for specialist knowledge in SEO:

Although keyword research is not a hard task, you need to be fully aware of what you are doing. When researching for keyword ideas in your market, it means that you do not fully understand the market but you are open to learning as you research.

It will be beneficial if you get guidance incase you are new to SEO. This is because you will be in need of explanations of the keywords found especially on how best they can be used.

When using Google's Adword tools, you are left without guidance or support hence; it will be upon you to seek for help in Google forums.

One of the advantages of using paid tools is that they offer incredible levels of support to help you not waste your time in forums.

For instance, when using Wordtracker keyword tool as a subscriber, you will be helped through your keyword strategy among any other concerns you may face.

Either through monthly webinars or the surplus material in the SEO academy, you will obtain help towards achieving beneficial keywords for your business.

ii. SEO software save time:

When dealing with free keyword research tools, you will not require any sophisticated software because tools like Google's Adword are easily serviceable and occasionally generate profitable keyword ideas though it is not prompt enough.

Because time is a very important resource, this free keyword tool is termed inconvenient since it takes a lot of time searching for keyword ideas.

As an online marketer who is mindful about increasing productivity, it will be a good idea investing in premium services that will grant you a time-saving SEO tool. Your business will receive a major boost in its productivity if you manage your time well.

iii. Misleading Google Data:

In many instances, Google's data has been found misleading because of multiple sources of keyword data. Keyword search can be likened to a detective work where you will be looking for signs and clues of a keyword niche that will successfully attract traffic and sales.

You should be aware that all keyword contain inconsistencies, errors and spam terms. This is the reason why you should have various keyword sources for comparison to help you avoid those spam and errors.

For instance, Wordtracker comprises keyword phrases to help you investigate both word tracker data and Google keyword data.

Unlike Google, Wordtracker data gives you a long tail of additional keywords hence reducing competition as opposed to when working with a few popular head terms.

With Wordtracker, you will be having over 2000 long-tail keywords as opposed to few hundreds by Google. This means that you will always be a step ahead of those relying on free tools.

Google's keyword data is meant for people dealing with PPC campaign. Google strives to increase people's spending on its Adwords instead of helping them to attain the highest ranks on its organic search results.

This can be evident from its advertising figures given to any of its keywords hence arousing bidding war among buyers. They are not meant for SEO hence meaning that you will not be able to get the free traffic you need through Google's help.

A genuine SEO competition should involve providing information on the magnitude of the competition required to land on a search engine's first page of the organic listing.

This can be achieved manually by having a look at the highest ranking pages and identifying what you need to do in order to rank higher than them.

The problem with this technique is that it will take a lot of time and the organic listings keep fluctuating. In short, a good keyword tool show the competition one has to face in the organic listing.

SEO tools offer a lot more than keyword research:

If you are serious about SEO, you will need a professional SEO tool to provide you with other SEO tasks besides keyword researching. Here are some of the tasks you can achieve with Wordtracker:

i. Monitoring of your on-page SEO.

ii. Checking for problems on your site.

iii. Monitoring of your site's rank in Google's listing.

You only need to subscribe to start using these tasks besides doing your keyword researching. Do not waste any more time with free keyword searching tools.
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