How to get more visitors to the website?

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Hi all,

how to get more visitors to the website without spamming?

I need to have more visitors my website, it's a website template selling site. Can anyone give me ideas how to get leads to my site?

Thank you
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  • There are many ways to get more visitors to the website --
    1. You can make informative PPT, infographic and share doc sharing sites like Slideshare.
    2. Join dofollow forum related your service
    3. Use social sharing like twitter, facebook, Google+, Pinterest
    4. Post quality and informative content (around 1000 words)
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    First make your website catchy and start promoting it over the social media and start the link building activities.
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    By far the most significant first step any site can do is create new and original content.Update and add new content frequently. If your site contains frequently updated content, visitors have yet another reason to return and bookmark your site and search engine crawlers will visit your site more often. We recommend creating at least 2-3 pages of new content weekly or even better a new page every day. Sites that have not been updated in over a month are considered abandoned pages by most visitors.
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    Content is king to get more traffic to your site. So always fresh your site and add fresh and unique content over there. If your site updated with fresh content regularly then you can get more traffic to your site.
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    There are lots of ways to get more visitors on your website. Here are the few ones:

    1) First of all, optimize your website for Google

    2) Create a mobile version of your website

    3) Do guest posting on high traffic websites

    4) Add unique content to your blog section and keep it up-tp-dated.

    5) Engage with Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, YouTube, LinkedIn)

    6) Post a presentation on
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    Hi Sindhu,
    Getting visitors to a website is the difficult part,and getting regular visitors is even more difficult.Once a visitor visits your website for the first time,he\she should find it interesting and attractive to visit your website once again.
    So first of all you should make your website well arranged and the apperance should be catchy,and also the content should be good enough and easily accessible.

    To promote your website,you can
    1.Do guest posting
    2.Promote it through social media
    3.Post on forums(but don't spam)
    4.SEO optimise

    Wish you all the best........
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    Above all the ideas is best for to get more visitors, but content is a most important factor. So need to write content that may be unique and quality and to provide solutions & information for services or products that will helpful for users, so they come regularly and stay long term with your site.
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    you can get traffic through social media sharing like fb groups, google plus communities.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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    Here are best way to get more visitors to the website:
    Optimize your title
    Mobile friendly site
    Optimize your content
    Link building
    Site speed
    Guest post
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    get more visitors to the website follow below steps:

    1. Optimize your website content
    2. Crush it with social media
    3. Master Content Outreach (Use Republishing to Get Featured on Large
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    On the off chance that your website isn't getting any traffic or visitor, you're not producing any deals. What's more, what's more regrettable is that without traffic, you can't test the key parts of your business procedure. And if you roll out a large traffic campaign before you've tried your site to ensure it changes over most extreme visitors into buyers, you chance losing deals and to look amateurish to potential business accomplices and associates.

    If you want to get more visitor on your website then you must follow some helpful points notable below:

    1. Optimize your Website for Google

    2. Keep in mind about Yahoo and Bing

    3. Create a mobile version of your website

    4. Make an Android local application and publish it to the Google Play Store

    5. Make an android application and publish to the Amazon store

    6. Guest post on high traffic sites

    7. Engage with Social media
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    Off page technique are best for increase website traffic. I'm sharing here some important SEO off technique which can improve your website traffic if you do it proper way and regular basis.

    Techniques are as follow :-
    Forum Posting
    Social Bookmarking
    Engaging Content on website or blog
    Blog Marking or web 2.0
    Article Submission
    Infographic Submission
    Blog Commenting
    Make Video of your Brnad, Product , or Service and share on authoritative website.
    Daily share post about your product or service on social networking website.
    Always try to get contextual backlinks from high DA or PA website.

    Note :- Don't try to get more backlinks in a day.
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  • You can grow your website traffic using follow instruction

    i. make your website to fully seo friendly
    ii. perform on page as well as off page activity of your site
    iii. drive traffic using PPC (Pay Per Click)
    iv. create unique and great content
    v. drive traffic from social media (such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, tumbler etc.)
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    1. Content is king to increase traffic to your website so often publish
    unique and informative content.
    2. Make website mobile friendly
    3. Use target keyword in URL & Meta tags
    4. Make URL short and memorable
    5. Use Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit,
    Stumbleupon, Digg etc.
    6. Guest posting
    7. Participate in forums related to your niche
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  • Also dont forget to focus on the conversion of your website. You can get tons of visitors but if conversion is bad

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    Optimize your web site for Google,yahoo,bing

    Guest post on high traffic web sites

    Keep your content fresh

    Engage with Social media -Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, YouTube, LinkedIn

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    You can use white method for SEO. And gain good ranking your website easily.
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    1. your need to share your website on the social platform.
    2. your need good social marketing on your website.
    3. Social Bookmarking etc.
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