What are the best sources to gain backlinks?

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Planning to earn backlinks through different ethical off page tactics, it should not be any spamming activity. Please share some of the needful points.
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    I think right now .EDU are the best source for building the links.
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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      how I find the .edu sites.
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        you can use the search term "your keyword+ inurl:.edu"
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      How can .edu sites be helpful? And where do I find them to backlink with? A very legit backlink!
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    Well to gain back links for a website there is off page activities that helps to gain good quality back links.

    When you start link building do search well on website that you are going to build link.
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      what type of link building will be searched to gain a backlink?
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    You are always build High Quality Relevant Backlinks for SEO. The Backlinks (Social Bookmarking , Forum Link Building , Forum Posting , Free Directory Submission, Web 2.0, Social profile creation etc) are generated from High Page Rank. In order to increase the Rank and Traffic of a website or a blog. And make all social media account and and share your business information daily. Remember that always share different services.I hope you are enjoing this.
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    if you wants good quality back links you can follow instant approved website lists relevant your business, do business listing, Social Media Bookmarking, directories submission, Forum posting,article submission.
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    Backlink is an important part of SEO, but you do not forget the content of your website. If you only build the backlinks without content, your website will be penalized by Google.
    A lot of websites have been penalized by Google, which is mainly attributed to backlink
    - Backlink profile is not natural, with violation of Google regulations
    - Backlink profile did not balanced between anchor text and URL

    What is a natural backlinks?
    - Backlink must be obtained manually
    - Backlink must be balanced between textlink and URL
    - The Do-Nofollow ratio is balanced.
    - Backlink must come from many different IP ranges.
    - Links must have different content
    Some recommend good backlink
    -Guest post from authority website
    -Relevant forum posting
    -Press release
    -Social bookmarking
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?
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    The best source to gain the most trusted high-quality backlink is to start guest blogging. You can request people to let you guest blog on their site and also let them to guest blog on your site as well.

    And if you are going to back down from writing the content then you can hire a content writer for you and do it for cheap from Fiverr.

    The investment is going to be worth your both time and money. As you are going to get traffic from that blog for a long time. It's even more worth than investing in Facebook ads for traffic.
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    You can start Guest posting, Web 2.0 & Blog commenting also create High authority Social Site like as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Buzzfeed & so on. All of the working process you can get the organic backlink.
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    Off page activities are useful to gain quality backlinks. In Off page optimization mainly we need to do Forum posting, Forum linking,Directory submissions, Social bookmarking... etc
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    Just focus on quality submission with relevant content on high DA & PA bookmarking sites, forums, directories, guest blogging sites.
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    In my thought, Guest posting, high DA Social Bookmarking, Forum posting and so on.
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    Can You Suggest me some backlinking List?
    Which are good for backlinking.
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    There are many tactics for improving off page optimization such as blog posting, directory listing, social bookmarking and so on. Before improving off page optimization it is necessary to check on page: revise all titles, descriptions, content, targeted keywords etc.
    Whatever way of off page SEO you choose you should mind that this resource should be relevant to your topic.
    If you decide to build links yourself, do not forget that there are some important nuances like anchor text distribution, link building speed etc.
    If you are going to hire a link building company everything will be much easier for you.
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    Definitely edu links pack the most power. You should go for them
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    Use any of the off page techniques.
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    high authority sites and google friendly sites will allow to get best backlinks.
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    join in HARO and find groups you can get high PR links as well
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    First of all, you've to find out 2 or 3 authority Website related to your niche. Then you can use the link intersect tool by Ahrefs. It will help you to collect all domain list which has common backlink for your competitor niche site.
    Check the following image to see how the link intersect tool looks:

    It's the basic step for getting the link opportunities site for your Website.

    Now, you can do some EDU backlink with a scholarship program.
    Just find out some competitor site who've already done scholarship program. Spy your competitor's scholarship page and find grab all Edu backlink via Ahrefs or any other backlink checker tool.

    Here is a screenshot of my recent project. Just started doing the guest post and backlink via Ahrefs link intersect tool.
    I able to rank some keyword in the 2nd page within 15 days.
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    Community Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Profile Creation are latest link building techniques.
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    1. The broken link building method
    2. Backlinks through infographics
    3. The advantage of guest articles
    4. Spy on your competitors.
    5. Build internal links.
    6. Promote your content.
    7. Write testimonials.
    8. Contact journalists and important bloggers.
    9. Donate.
    10. Get interviewed.
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    Thanks for suggesting me such an informative information.

    I have completed my ON-Page. Now is there a requirement to revise all Meta tags, titles, descriptions, content, targeted keywords etc?
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  • OFF PAGE activities are best for the gain backlinks
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    Blog posting ans social bookmarking are the best ways to get quality back links.

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-http://www.ihostingreviews.in

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    i would suggest if u create link with in your same niche site, it would be great ..
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  • Broken link building is hard unless you focus on the right type of broken links. A lot of blogs and websites have them, but very few are willing to fix them.
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    I think Drop my link is the best backlinks sites..
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    Earning Backlinks through Social Bookmarking sites, Blog submissions , WEB 2.0 and submitting quality content
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    Best source of backlinks is by creating awesome content on blogs, resources and articles on your website, and then sharing them on social media, forums, and other websites to build awareness. If your content is unique enough and well-done, it should help gain some backlinks.

    Outside of that, each industry is different and a good link for a local business website is not necessarily good for an e-commerce website, use Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz Open Site Explorer to see what backlinks the websites that are in the top 3 ranking positions on Google have for the keyword phrases you would like to target, then duplicate if possible.
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    Best two methods would be:
    1. Guest posting
    2. Posting in forums/communites which share same interests and infos youe website is providing
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    Try to publish the fresh and unique content on the social media sites. Do submissions on high PA and DA bookmarking sites, forums, directories, Web 2.0, Press release etc.
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    Revere-engineering. That's the best source of valuable backlinks for the past 19 years. Basically what that means is that you need to do proper research on your competition, do what they do, and then add more links of your own (to rank better than them).
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    I hope my competitors are following this thread and follow most of the advice being given.
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      I hope my competitors are following this thread and follow most of the advice being given.

      Hopefully they aren't
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    Just focus on the off-site link building methods if you have done your on-page optimization. This is one of the best ways to gain more backlinks.
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    Guest Posting, Web 2.0, Article submission, social profiles and PBN posts and most popular and useful ways to obtain the high-quality backlinks to your websites.
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      Originally Posted by proseopackages View Post

      Hopefully they aren't
      I was being serious. Most of teh advice in this thread to gain "best" backlinks is really bad. Happy for my competitors to do it as it makes my job ouch easier.
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