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Hi friends

I got opportunity to work Uk Based website. They are asking me to do

10 social book marking on website

10 Blog Social Bookmarking

10 Directory submission

10 Classified Sites

5 Blog commenting

5 Forum postings

5 Article submissions

Is this 2017 Seo friends. Creating links....on Daily basis
I want to know what will happen to website.
#2017 #seo
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    Seriously, its 2017, not 2007!
    That approach is more likely to get a site penalized.
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    Mostly all technique old. If you doing this work plan your website not rank in top rank.. Change the seo strategy.
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    Too much for this Panda version of Google!! This is 2017 my dear friend!! Risky!!
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    You can but if you are doing all these activities for same website then it is wrong. Naturally, so many links cannot be created. So, as you will start creating so many links on a daily basis, search engines will identify and will penalize you. If you will doing these in one month then it is absolutely fine.
    However, 2017 is very pro SEO year, so many updates are coming and are yet to come in this year. You can keep yourself updated by following the blog post on Techmagnate site. They have so many blogs related to SEO 2017. You will find all your answers over there.

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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    Mate, that are all old technique, change your strategy
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    Thank you friends.... Suggest me few techniques how to start the way with the website
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    Hey you should provide quality backlink that bring targeted traffic for your site!
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    This tactics is as usual like before. But if you try to follow recent link building then outreach, guest posting and blogging, web 2 creation much more helpful. Thanks!
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  • Hello Santhosh,

    Daily basis this is too much... make is half and carry on. It will come under Gray Hat SEO. Make sure that you are submitting in High DA sites. 60% Panda won't penalize your website. Bcoz all the submitted backlinks will take some time duration to index
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      Thanks to you with this very informative answer on this question and all my doubt are clear..
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    All these are worse things.. You can do only quality work.. Stop these type of work first read latest seo techniques of 2017 and after do that..
    For UK website you can create quality content and post on high quality sites.
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    Outreach Guest blogging can help you to get best results. you can contact us for more details and services
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    I reviewed many 'SEO in 2017' posts and articles including those on authority blogs - and discovered that some of the stuff I was doing early on in 1997 is STILL as effective in 2017... indeed, even more so than most of the other stuff I've seen being prescribed today!

    Of course, there's a specific way or approach to doing things like 'guest blogging' that'll make the technique effective today. There's a spammy/scammy way of doing just about any SEO tactic - and a more strategic and 'safe' method. Which one is picked often reflects many factors, and is a personal choice more than anything else.

    I compiled the results of my 'research' into a blog post which ended up being a massive 4,500+ words long. Still, many agree it has been worth wading through - and it highlights 5 link building methods that work for SEO in 2017. To save you time, here is the list:

    * Building relationships
    * Guest blogging
    * Niche blog commenting
    * Niche forum posting (like this one!)
    * Resource pages

    If you'd like to read the complete article, it's here - http://www.drmani.com/top-seo-tips-2017/
    The Heart Bookstore | Buy a Book, Help a Child Live!
    Email Marketing Tips | How To Focus Better | Time Management
    GET YOUR FREE GUIDE: The 33:33 System
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      These techniques are old. If you follow these techniques then Google will ban you according to SEO MOZ and Google algorithm update 2017.

      Today, only the smartest search engine optimizers with latest SEO techniques and strategies, and the best content writers reach the pedestal where they are the number one hit on the SERPs.

      Here are some solid local SEO tactics you can use this year to help your business rank higher for local search terms.

      1. Your website should be mobile friendly.
      2. Making the content and pages presented both in mobile and
      desktop versions the Same.
      3. Make your website Super Fast.
      4. Google My Business: Claim and optimize.
      5. Switch to HTTP to HTTPS.
      6. Your website should be supported to voice searches.
      7. Use local structured data markup.
      8. Link building: Keep quality in mind not quantity.
      9. Use high-quality content for your website.
      10. Make a strong presence in social media.
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