Can fonts affect SEO?

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I notice a lot of people and themes using a lot of obscure fonts - a lot of which render horribly on my screen.. So personally , I think they could....

its a bad user experience... right?
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    If fonts are web friendly, no.

    However, indirectly, quite possibly.

    There are trails of thought that suggest that a longer dwell time has some positive impact on rankings. If someone visits a site and sees a font they can't read, they are going to have a very short dwell time - which would be negative.

    In addition, sites are less likely to link to you organically or share your content if it's illegible - so this too would be negative.
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    Yes, answered this question before.

    The answers are out there:

    Anyone who has been to a webpage, and sees the characters overlapping each other, already has had a glimpse of what not to do.

    Of course this is logic, so one could say that it should have no impact. That is only true if people operated in the realm of logic and reason.

    One says to drink plenty of water. They don't mean to drink just any water.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Well if readers are disturbed and leave the site fast then yea it will afects your rankings negatively of course
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    SEO does not care about CSS. There are exceptions of course (before i get flamed). Obscure fonts are just attempts at getting noticed. If you're having issues with render they are not likely professional fonts and people will just... run away!
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      Originally Posted by cscot2u View Post

      SEO does not care about CSS.
      SEO, the beast, does care a whole lot about css.

      From load time, server calls, to file bloat and beyond.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    CSS actually matters to SEO. Pixels, points, EMs, percent and the works.
    Bad render is also well, bad. If visitors can't even read your content, they'll click that tiny close button so fast they won't even see what your site is all about. So yes, use good fonts.
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    Friend, everything is SEO that related top your blog or website.
    Your design, navigation and more are SEO issue.
    So font is also a SEO issue.
    Use Google recommended, user-friendly fonts. Use an eye-catching font that people easily understand, they can read without any disturbance.
    Thanks, MyTechGoal.
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    Font will be well, visible and simple to read. Otherwise no constraint about SEO to affec....
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    Fonts can not affect SEO but yes it will increase your bounce rate on your website because if font is not easy to read then user will immediately leave your page/website.
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    NO, But it will helps to highlight the things which is good for blogs, articles, and some important things.
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    As long as your fonts are visible and easy to read then i don't see an issue. You could try tweaking different fonts and see how the reactions differ.
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    If they are not optimized or cached properly then they will cause slow loading time for pages which will ultimately affect seo
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    Not directly, but yes if bounce rates effect seo

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    SEO is completely depend on the user experience. and if fonts are not good or readable it will surely affect SEO.
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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    Fonts should be visible for users. If not then it will be a bad user experience and users will leave your site and bounce rate can increase.
    So indirectly it will affect SEO.
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