How to focus on the 90 % unique visitor in my website?

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Everyday 1000 of visitor coming to my sites. but the 40% of unique visitor is view my site.So,
1.How to focus on the 90 % unique visitor in my website?
2.How can more people find my website?
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    I don't get your query here.

    In order to get more unique visitors you need to increase your SEO and Ad Campaign's efforts. You can't have all the visitors to be unique some of them will always be non-unique.
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    I think u need some help with optimzation and tracking your visitors, I m sure u ll be using google analytics.
    Conversion directly depends on targeting the right audience.
    You have two optios here I can see.
    1- either find a company or an expert who could do the conversion optimization for u ( which ll save u time but ll cost u money )
    2- Learn urself and optimize your website to get better conversion. ( which ll cost u time but ll save u money)
    Choice is yours.
    I have seen and brought 8-10 leads in niches like solar energy and real estate with traffic like only 100-150 per day.
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    Content promotion, SEO, advertising. Unique visitors can be easily brought by AdWords, but you'll need a budget for that, obviously.

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    Can you rephrase the question please? Not sure we understand. Sounds like you don't want to returning traffic but that's the best type! :-)

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      First you should make your website responsive because it is very important for user experience. And do the on page SEO as well.
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    If you have 1000 visitors a day and 60% of those are repeat visitors then maybe you should be focusing on monetizing your returning visitors.

    They obviously like something about your site

    what is that?
    What are they looking for?
    What can you supply/sell them that they want?

    Then use some of that money to pay an expert to grow your audience.

    Or you could be misreading the stats. is it 1000 page views? and 400 uniques? That could be a different story.
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