Why aren't my pages getting indexed?

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I have more than 50 posts on my one month old blog, but still not a single post has been indexed. Why is this happening with my blog?
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    Have you tried submitting your sitemap in Google search console? Indexing for a new blog is a slow process but in your case, it looks pretty unusual as none of the posts is indexed.I would advise you to share your posts on Google Plus and other social media sites for some improvement or if that also fails you can then try the fetch and render feature in search console.You can refer to following guides for better knowledge:
    > How to index a website in 24 hours
    > How to Index a new site On Google
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    Submitting your blog through webmasters tool is just one point.

    No matter what number of urls your submit. Google isn't going to index them if they think if they are not just worthy. Just think of this, is your articles providing any real value to your niche. Or its just copied content.
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    if your pages have good title and content and still do not get indexed check if your site stops search engines from crawling your site. try this within the head section:
    <meta name="robots" content="index, follow">
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    This is what I did to make google index my site quick:
    1>put your domain name in your contact info and signature in warriorforum while you post your thread.Warriorforum is very authoritative,please don't underestimate its value.
    2>use your domain name to register account with social media platform,especially google+,youtube,blogger.com
    3>use wordpress platform for your site.
    4>if your site is using wordpress platform,install yoast seo,or all-in-one seo,then spend some time to study them
    5>learn how to use google search console,google web master tool
    6>everyday you should update your site content

    The above are for your reference,hopefully they will help u something.
    Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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      Great tips imstarter2016.

      I'd also advise you to be very careful where you start linking from when you fist start a new website. If you use some sort of free backlinking tool for example, this can kill any chance you have of indexing. Google hates spam and will ban any new website using such strategies.

      Be sure to only link from authoritative websites to start like the top 7 social networks, popular web 2.0 websites (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, ect), popular video websites (Youtube, Daily Motion), PBNs (ONLY ones that you KNOW are reputable / are on Google's good side.) and super-authoritative forums like likeimstarter2016 said.

      Be careful of this last one though. Be sure not to over do it, and only use the very best forums to start.

      Really, these types of links that I just mentioned are all you need to start indexing and ranking quickly.
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    Share the link?

    1) Is it set to noindex? If Wordpress check under Settings > Reading and look for Discourage search engines from indexing this site checkbox. Make sure that's unchecked.
    2) Connect Google Search Console & Submit an xml sitemap.
    3) Try and build 2 to 3 links to your website to speed up the chances of it being crawled from web 2.0 properties.

    Wait a few days to a week. That's my thoughts without seeing the website for myself.

    David - Web Designer / Digital Marketing Consultant

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    Ordinarily, these sorts of issues are caused by at least one of the accompanying reasons:

    Robots.txt - This content record which sits in the base of your site's envelope conveys a specific number of rules to web index crawlers. For example, if your robots.txt document has this line in it; User-operator: * Disallow:/it's essentially advising each crawler on the web to clear out and not list ANY of your website's substance.

    .htaccess - This is an imperceptible document which additionally lives in your WWW or public_html organizer. You can flip perceivability in most current content managers and FTP customers. A severely designed htaccess can do awful stuff like unbounded circles, which will never give your site a chance to stack.

    Meta Tags - Make beyond any doubt that the page(s) that is not getting recorded doesn't have these meta labels in the source code: <META NAME=" ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">

    Sitemaps-Your sitemap isn't refreshing for reasons unknown, and you continue nourishing the old/softened one up Webmaster Tools. Continuously check, after you have tended to the issues that were indicated out you in the website admin devices dashboard, that you've run a new sitemap and re-present that.

    URL Parameters - Within the Webmaster Tools there's an area where you can set URL parameters which reveals to Google what dynamic connections you would prefer not to get recorded. In any case, this accompanies a notice from Google: "Inaccurately designing parameters can bring about pages from your site being dropped from our file, so we don't suggest you utilize this apparatus unless essential."

    You don't have enough Pagerank - lolwut? Matt Cutts uncovered in a meeting with Eric Enge that the quantity of pages Google creeps is generally corresponding to your page rank.

    Connector DNS issues - It may happen that for reasons unknown Google's insects can't achieve your server when they attempt and slither. Maybe your host is doing support on their system, or you've recently moved your site to another home, in which case the DNS assignment can stuff up the crawlers get to.

    Inherited issue- You may have enrolled an area which had an existence before you. I've had a customer who got another area (or so they thought) and did everything by the book. Composed great substance, nailed the on-page stuff, had a couple of pleasant approaching connections, yet Google declined to file them, despite the fact that it acknowledged their sitemap. After some exploring, it worked out that the space was utilized quite a while before that, and part of a major linkspam cultivate. We needed to record a reexamination ask for with Google.
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    You should do google webmasters/tools/submit=url

    This need google login. Once you have login submit one by one URL into provides box, and click on submit box
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  • Submit your url's to webmaster tool, so that google can index your urls..
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    Check if your pages have noindex tags or if you are blocking them in robots.txt.
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  • Thanks for this I am also facing the same issue, will try above all suggestion.
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    Duplicate internal content? Check webmaster tools for manual penalties
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