Will Google slap me for this?

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Just now I accidentally clicked on one of my own ads in the Adwords Management panel. I wanted to edit the ad but clicked the title instead and was taken to my destination url.

I know Google doesn't like this and I've never purposefully clicked on any ad, wether Adsense or Adwords.

Can I expect consequences or should't I worry too much about it?:confused:

Thanks for easing my mind if you can,

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    I may sound stupid for asking this but, How does Adsense expect you to check your code if you don't click the link?

    I understand purposely and repeatedly clicking the link could be fraud. But clicking it once should not be a problem. IMH
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    Don't worry about it. It is ok to click your ad to check it.
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      Thank you both, I just worried it might be a problem


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    If you kept on clicking on it - then Google will ban your account. It's called click fraud. But don't worry about just clicking it once - you'll be ok.

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      You shouldn't be worried if you just clicked at your ads once.. i tried it before, but just to check my ad.. what would be a horror is when google bans your accoount because of invalid multiple clicks done to your ads..

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