How To Optimize New Website?

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Hello Masters Seo, How to get the new web to compete with the web that already has thousands of backlinks?
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      I think SMM is good for send traffics to a website, but not to compete with the competitors on the search engine.
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    No. of backlinks doesn't gets counted. Its their quality that matters.
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    do some off page activities and social optimization
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    Make your site sticky. These days it very much about how many people stay on the site and for how long etc. Our best performing sites include HTML5 applications e.g. the same as .exe files or phone apps but safe to work in a website. You might have product simulations, calculators or serious games; it just has to be something interesting and related to the site so that users stay on for a longer time. To make it better than other sites.
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    you can improve your website ranking in google with guest posting do-follow link, comment posting and more..
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    Originally Posted by ismi jeka View Post

    Hello Masters Seo, How to get the new web to compete with the web that already has thousands of backlinks?
    Forget about competing, think about getting your site Search Engine optimized first most especially onpage. You need to create a plan, set a timeline and create a goal for your business first. Do also a market research if really want to compete with your competitors

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    use dofollow pages with higher rank like DA more than 35 Alexa less than 300K and traffic more than 1 M
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  • There are many ways to optimize a new website
    1. You can do all off page SEO activities
    2. Join Social Media Sites and share your content, images, infographics with it.
    3. Try to make quality backlinks
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    do some off-page activities and SMM to optimize for your targeted website.
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    The number of backlinks has nothing to do with competition. You have to compete with quality products and services.
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    Here are two issues. Your site is new. At first, you have to complete the design of your site, finish all the internal and external issues such as site design, navigation, social sharing option, and more.
    User-experience is a ranking issue.
    Then do off page SEO such create high-quality backlinks, increase your activities on social networking sites, share more and more.
    I think the quality of your site, quality of your content and your online presence are the most important issues. Try to be a familiar figure. It will be more helpful in this competitive sector.
    Thanks, Munna Hossain.
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    Anticipate topic clusters and start building now.
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    proper ON PAGE SEO --SITE SPEED--
    after That proper branding for a new site
    if you have a aged domain or old site you can go directly for Long tail anchor links
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    focus on your website and do offpage and onpage seo. post regular good contents according your website niche. it will take time to popular your website.
    you can submit website to Search engines and for quality backlinks sumit comments with url on popular blogs.
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  • Create page titles, Keyword-based titles help create page theme and direction for your keywords. Create Meta tags. Place strategic search phrases on pages. Develop new sitemaps for Google. Submit website to directories, Use alt tags
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