Help Appreciated... Problem With Indexing Posts on Web 2.0 Forum

by Doggysog 4 replies
Hey guys this is my first post here, if anyone can help that'll be awesome!

Basically there is a web 2.0 forum in my niche that ranks really high for every keyword, but for some reason when my competition posts there their posts get indexed and mine don't....this is really frustrating, I tried submitting the posts to google among other things, if we talk privately I'll show you the web 2.0 and the problem (I don't want to reveal my niche here publicly).
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    try to share it in social media and other bookmarking site. you can also try pinging your page. that would be the great help though.
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    Use link indexer such as INSTANT LINK INDEXER - Fast & Cheap Backlink Indexing Service | Quick Website Indexing/. Just creating a Web 2.0 profile or a blog will not help. You need to create traffic and backlink for web 2.0. Indexing takes longer now, options are to use a premium indexing service or wait longer and see if they are indexed in due course. You can use a gsa blast or blog comment blast etc. to index them.They get indexed faster like that.

    Getting them indexed without backlinks is so hard. It almost never happens.
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    Just give it some time. It might take 2 weeks or more for something on a new site to get indexed. It's a big internet. Google has a lot of pages to crawl.

    Right now, you have no authority, so you are pretty low on the priority list.
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    thanks for the tips...but I used linkcentaur meanwhile it is not indexing...even though on linkcentaur it is said to be crawled by google already, it is not a profile, it is a forum type of web 2.0 not the usual tumblr or something
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