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I've done SEO on a number of Wordpress Website using the Yoast plugin, content creation and backlinking. From using the Yoast plugin I know all the tricks to do get the On Page SEO right.

A client has now asked me to SEO his website. His website is done with Bootstrap. I've never seen inside a bootstrap website. Is it easy to do the SEO on a bootstrap website. I would need to be able to do the following.
  • Edit Titles
  • Edit Meta Descriptions.
  • Edit Content.
  • Edit image ALT Tags.
  • ETC

I've also some knowledge of code. I could add the above if necessary. I suppose what I'm trying to do is fully arm myself before I take on the job.
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    I haven't used it before but yes, I believe it's easy. If you know how to code, you'll be alright.
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    kikel... You can do complete SEO in Bootstrap website.

    And websites build with Bootstrap are very good for SEO. Because that website will be mobile ready. (by mobile ready I mean... website will work fine on maximum devices).

    If your client's website is built in Bootstrap + Html .. then you will need to open each Html page and add your meta tags manually.

    But.. If your client site is in WordPress + Bootstrap ... then you dont need to worry Yoast SEO plugin will be do everything for you.

    I hope I've clear your doubts about BootStrap and SEO... If not.. then write me more questions and I will be glad to help.
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