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I have a few thousand backlinks from various websites, but i just don't know other sources to create them. Please write good backlink sources in the comments
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    Expired Web 2.0s, pbns, guest posts, directories, blog comments etc etc
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      What about Edu and gov sites?
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    You can try directory submission , Article submission, photo sharing, video promotions , guest post submission and also use social bookmarking sites like pinterest, diigo,Reddit,scoop for quality back links.
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    • Social Bookmarking
    • Directory Submission
    • Blog Submission
    • Article Submission
    • Web 2.0 Submission
    • Q and A

    [URL=""] Food Lover

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    Here is the great source by neil and brian:
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    Guest Post article/blog Submissions
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    Blog comenting ,forum marketing ,etc
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    Hello..! You can choose Branded Profile submission , Handmade Multi-Page web 2.0 with High DA, High Edu Gov backlinks etc.

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    its a new article sites :
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    Here are few of the backlink sources listed below:
    1. Infographic submissions
    2. Blog submissions & commenting
    3. Article submission
    4. Classified submissions
    5. Interlinking
    6. Social bookmarking
    7. Guest blogging
    Hope this helped you.
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    Just focus on Guest Posting and internal backlinks, you will see the good results.
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?
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  • There are many ways you can boost your website. You can use keyword specific search in Google then comment on the results. Write article in Ezinearticles and hubpages. Good forum marketing and last use Social Media to get good traffic to your site.
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  • 1. Give Testimonials
    Companies love to flaunt their customer testimonials.
    In case you're using a product or services that you adore (or possibly like), consider sending them a testimonial. When you do, make sure to tell them that they can put it on their landing page or a testimonial page. They'll frequently put a link to your site for you, without you even having to ask.

    2. Blogger Reviews
    If you have a software product, information product, consulting services or anything of value that you offer, you can easily turn that into bunches of high-quality backlinks.
    You can offer it to bloggers for free. Here's how:
    • Find bloggers in your niche that may be interested on what you have to offer.
    • Your outcomes will be a blended pack of bloggers. Sift through any majority authority sites or news sites. You'll be left with a solid list bloggers that may be interested in your offer.
    • Reach out to them with an email.
    You need to be very careful about the language you use for this technique. Don't try to ask for a link or review, which would violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Simply send them the product and let them decide if it's worth a mention on their blog.

    3. Present Your Site to Website Feedback Sites
    There are a bunch of sites that are designed to help you to get feedback on your site's layout or conversion potential.
    Almost of them allow a link back to your site. You should simply submit your site with a little description of how you want to improve it.

    4. Submit Your Site to Blog Aggregators
    You can get a dofollow link on most blog aggregators for free in these simple steps:
    • Submit Your Site
    • Add a special HTML code to your site to confirm that you're the owner
    • Wait for someone from the aggregator to stop by and take a look at your site
    When they approve it you'll have your own page on the aggregator with a dofollow link to your site.

    5. Google+ Profile
    Your Google+ profile allows contextual, dofollow links. (Note, you must be signed out of Google+ to see the link as dofollow.) With enough interaction within Google+ and direct linking to your profile, you can make that a really effective link.
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      Copied and Bookmarked. Thanks a bunch.
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    This is all a recipe for a headache.

    I will make your life simple.

    Numero UNO:

    If you're going for local search, you mostly need:

    1. PBN's - Private blog network links
    2. Citations

    Numero TWO

    If you're going for national rankings, you will need:

    1. PBN links
    2. Paid links - buying links on websites.

    Yup, both are actually against Google terms of service. In fact, 100% of SEO aside from "great content" is really a NO NO with Google.

    Did you know that paying to be included in a directory like most SEOs do are still paid links?


    BTW, don't buy directory links unless they are niche & local specific.
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    Forum Posting
    Blog Submissions
    Social Bookmarking
    Directory Submission
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    Here are my suggestions-

    1. Guest posting
    2. Expired Tumblr
    3. broken links
    4. competitors backlink
    5. Forums
    6. Expired domains
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    Just focus on-
    Social bookmarking submission
    Guest posts submission
    Forum posting
    Directories submission
    Blog comments
    Article submission
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    These are given below top backlink sources

    Social Bookmarking
    Article Submission
    Web 2.0 Submission
    Guest Blog Posting
    Forum Marketing
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    Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, Blog with high DA, high PR
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    I am really still amazed how many people suggest : "directory submissions"
    This is as good as dead, because you will get penalized or even banned

    Article submissions are good IF you don't send them to "article directories", be aware of that !
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    Best sources for backlinks are
    Blog Posting
    Internal Linking
    Content Marketing
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    List of best Blacklink sources:

    1.Social Media Engagement
    2.Social Bookmarking Sites
    3.Forum Submission
    4.Blog Directory Submission
    5.Question and Answer Submission
    7.Image Submission
    8.Infographics Submission
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    Forum posting,directories submissions,bookmarking,guest posting are the best backlinks sources. According to me we can create backlinks from anywhere but your content should be unique and attractive.
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    As an SEO Analyst, it is your main aim to build high-quality backlinks from various sites which will eventually help you to build your ranking in SERP and thereby increasing your conversions. There are some tricks by which you can get high-quality backlinks. Some of them are as follows:

    1. Send the testimonials to your customers.
    2. Find Out the broken links and send an email to its owner.
    3. Get your product or service reviewed by the influencer of your niche.
    4. Find out the sites that have mentioned you in their content but haven't linked you yet.
    5. Create a page for free learning for your product.
    6. Submit your content to the guest posting sites.

    AmarInfotech is an iPhone application development company in India which allows mobile app development for the global clients.

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    Essentially, if you do not hurry, then you should focus on content for quality and internal links. And if you want SEO in a short time then you use backlink from:

    Web 2.0
    Social Network
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    Go for guest post and web2.0
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    The only good back links are private ones all the rest are just flutter and spam that newbies buy thinking they are going to make a lot of money and rank high on Google that is not going to happen!

    I.E. " Edu and gov sites"
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