Does Google Plus help people rank?

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Hi guys,

What's the latest on Google plus and ranking? I've got an box that pops up after people download my SEO software and I'm thinking of putting something in it like

"Help keep my software free and Google plus my website"

With the hope that it will boost rankings?
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      It's pretty worthless.
      Exactly correct.

      G+ is a social networking site and it has no effect on the SERP's.
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      Mike, I actually found a do follow link on one of my competitors G+ Pages. It was placed by his SEO guy. It was some weird looking URL that went to my competito'rs page.
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    Well Its worth giving a try. Social Signals do not have direct impact on ranking but they can surely give you a little boost.
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    no, i thinks gooogle plus will be close soon
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    It will just give awareness to people who are in contact with you on google plus, but I do not think it affects ranking that much.
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    It drives huge traffic to your website .don't know about the rankings.>!!!
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    Well it will give you a little boost its not skyrochet your ranking
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  • No, G+ does not help you rank but it can help with your branding and helps build trust and credibility with your website.
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    Social networking sites are helpful to promote and grow your online business. Search engines prefer your social media activities. But it is not very much helpful rankings. Social signal is good for SEO but very little ranking factor.
    Your ranking depends on the quality of your content and your backlinks.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    Yes, Google+ can help to boost ranking. Google+ content gets indexed immediately and shows up in search results. If you have to take advantages of Google+ follow steps as mentioned below:

    • Make sure your Google+ personal profile and/or your Google+ page is fully complete.
    • Grab your custom URL with your full name or business name
    • Stay active on Google+
    • Share your own blog posts, using the blog post title, immediately after they're published
    • Keep building your circles
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  • I think it dont have that value. But it can help in increasing the traffic to your website.
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    Google+ will help you rank better for people who are signed into Google that already follow you on Google+. That's about it. As others have pointed out, there are very few "real people" out there who use Google+ so don't count on it doing much for you.

    If nothing else, it helps you get new or updated content immediately crawled by Google.
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