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So this is the main reason I joined this and other forums, I have 5 posts that are sitting on the second page of google, a couple of them fluctuate between first and second. It's been like this for a couple of months, I haven't built any back links, just sharing on social media and creating social bookmarks. Any suggestions on how I can move these posts to the first page?
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    Creating high quality content starts with good keyword research. This task will help you pinpoint the most ideal keyword/s for your content writing and optimization efforts.

    Note that the shorter the keyword/s, the harder it will be for you to rank it on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). More so if your site is still new. It is advisable to target long-tail keywords as they are less competitive and far easier to rank. You can find an ideal long-tail keyword through Google's auto-suggest or auto-complete feature. If you find Google's Keyword Planner vexing, there are free keyword research tools out there. Try out Ubersuggest, SpyFu, SemRush, or all of them.

    When you have completed your analysis, choose a primary keyword that you will use on your content. However, make sure that you have spent some time in analyzing the keyword. It should be a keyword that you can compete for on the SERPs.

    Moving your rankings up on search results require quality back links. A word of caution, it is harder to rank highly for a particular keyword if you are competing against sites that have more quality links than yours.
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  • You should try all the possible methods to attract as much traffic as possible. There are many different ways to bring traffic other than social bookmarking. If you have a your own blog or site you should start doing some serious work on it. I can show you some ways. If want you can inbox me.
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    It is very tough to rank the first page on google, but it is not impossible. You need to a lot of hard work to achieve your target. Firstly understand your niche, what people want your niche, how to engage or attract user, whats the requirement of your audience. Then post some quality content or promote it. This is the way to know which post or content hit the huge traffic or improve your ranking.
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    Check your competitors backlinks etc and try to get more as them .This will rank you in eyes of google
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    It will take months u want to do proper onpage and offpage
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    If you are sitting on page 2 and sometimes the bottom of page 1 but have never built links to the pages, you already know the answer - GET SOME REAL BACKLINKS (social bookmarks are not real backlinks).
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    To rank on top you cannot just rely on social media and bookmarks. You should build quality backlinks by forum posting, blog commenting, blog submission, image/video submisson etc. If you have some bugdet you can also run ad campaign. Posts should be optimized regularly, your content should have depth and also keep adding fresh content. check ou bacjlinks of those ranking first, check out if they are running any ads.
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    Focus on a long-tail keyword. It's easy to rank on the first page of google on long keywords like 'How to invest $1000 for maximum gains' than for smaller ones like 'Investing, stock market, online marketing' etc.

    My blog niche is investing and there is a lot of competition in this area. Further, to get higher page rank in this niche, Backlinks were very important as the domain authority of other websites are quite high. I used 'Ahrefs' to find the backlinks of my competitors and then tried to get as much back links as possible. It's simple. If your competitors (similar blog) can get that backlink, then you could too.

    I hope the answer is useful to the readers.
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    Time and patience
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  • 1. You have to create a quality content, which is in trend and not is copyrighted.
    2. Use SEO plugin
    3. Use Premium theme
    4. Use Premium keyword research tool like ahref(Keyword research is most important thing to rank your website on top in google)
    5. Create backlinks.
    6. Use Premium SEO tools.
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    You should do SEO to increase your site page rank & Traffic. You must have many back link/ Relevant blog commenting, Forum posting & so on. You need to increase the Do-follow link more than the No-follow link. The Do-follow link will increase Site traffic & page Rank. On the other hand the No-follow link will increase site traffic Only. Beside SEO, you can use the Social Media site also. Because nowadays most of the people are passing their gossiping time by using the Social Media site. Thanks for your advance.
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    There is a really a ton of free information out there (especially on Youtube). I would check out Alex Becker and maybe look into PBN's.
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    Create High Quality Backlinks, High Domain Authority Backlinks
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    Or get some backlinks.

    What's wrong with earning money sooner not later? Or are you just saying you don't know how SEO works?

    Originally Posted by Datatanks LLC View Post

    Time and patience
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    Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is impossible to rank on Google. It totally depends on your keywords and overall SEO you have done.
    If you select Technology as your keywords how can you rank in Google?
    It is nearly impossible for your new site to beat a lot of high authority sites.
    But if you select Top 10 Technology Blogs In India as your keywords you can rank, because it is long tail keywords that have low competition.
    All the time long tail keywords can not be low competitive, you should find using Google search other keywords tools.
    You can use SEMRush, KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner as your competitor's analysis tools.
    Then you focus on top quality content. Your content has ability enough to rank top in Google but you should do On Page SEO.
    Your high-quality content can drive traffic and bring organic backlink.
    The organic backlink is the real backlink that you get naturally. People link to you if you are suitable.
    You can also do guest posting, blog commenting, forum posting and Q&A sites posting to get high-quality backlinks.
    These way you can reach the top of Google.
    Thanks. Mytechgoal.
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    I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in, I'm not an "expert" but I have a few pages at #1 on Google.

    1. Keywords- Make sure your keywords are in several headings. (H1, H2, H3... Etc.)

    2. Headings- Break up your content to make it easy to read, especially if its long. Time on page is big to Google. The longer the user stays, the better you look to Google.

    3.Length- Usually the longer the better. Google is really good at recognizing what each paragraph is about, and a subheading like <h4> is a really good place to put LSI Keywords

    4.LSI Keywords- These are relatively new to Google's algorithm.
    Find these by searching for the Keyword you're trying to rank, then at the bottom of the page, Google "Suggests" more search terms for a user to find more information. These are LSI keywords.
    Put those search phrases throughout your content too, this helps Google better recognize and pinpoint what your content is about.

    5. Link to your other RELEVANT content.- I always put one link to another relevant page on my site within the first 300 words of my posts. Make sure the content you link to in your site is RELEVANT. I cant stress that enough. Same goes for Backlinks. If you have a site/page about movies, don't like to a site/page about accounting or something else completely random. Fairly simple.

    6. Link to your competitors that you know your content is better than- Some might disagree with me, but from my own research i've found that the top pages on Google for REALLY hard keywords will actually link out to their competitors! This is because their competitors have already made content that is ranking well, and Google already respects. Google doesn't care about your page, they care about the user. Its my opinion that Google shows respect to pages that have linked out to other relevant content that "competes" for traffic.

    7. Backlinks to your content-
    This is the key right here. If you can get RELEVANT sites with high domain authority to backlink to your content, that can be the tipping point. SemRush lets you check what backlinks are giving your COMPETITORS authority on Google for free (limited use)

    8. Podcasts, Blogs, and Forums Like Dis- Its easy to just ask a question, but you should learn principles to apply all of this knowledge. Here are a few great resources for you, and anyone else that might read this. I owe any success that I have online to these three people.

    Brian Dean- SEO Training and Link Building Strategies - Backlinko Brian Dean does awesome YouTube videos that explains things very clearly.

    Brandon Gaighlee- Brandon does a Podcast that gets super targeted into marketing online.

    Pat Flynn- Pat Flynn is where you should go if you are just now starting out.

    Much Love Dudes/Dudettes, Hopefully this info helps!
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    To utilize this, do the accompanying: Navigate to a scan page for your nation and sort a catchphrase. As you write the catchphrase, you will see a drop-down box with a few proposals. Level of promoter rivalry on your chose catchphrases. Measure of quests every watchword gets every month. Extra long haul watchwords.
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    1. Try to build quality backlinks
    2. Focus on quality instead of quantity
    3. Keep watching on your competitors website
    4. Regular posting on your Social Media platform
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    Create more backlinks to your website.
    Some note:
    1. Content: you need to write or hire people do it. Do not use rewrite software.
    2. Backlinks: you can guest post at authority sites or contact other bloggers.
    More quality backlinks will increase ranking on Search Engine.
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?
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    You answered your question yourself, you need backlinks for better ranks so start creating some.
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    1. Get Discovered with relevant Keywords
    2. Be realistic & use unique quality content
    3. Intentional Website Structure
    4. Focus on User Experience
    5. Optimized for Mobile
    6. Have Original Images
    7. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
    8. Social Media postings
    9. Use Effective & relevant keywords
    10. Setup a Google My Business page
    11. Run Ad campaign
    12. Optimize your website using Google webmaster tool
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