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How to rank a site?
What should be the step by the plan for a site to rank on google page 1.
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    I would suggest you to give some time on these websites
    SEO Training and Link Building Strategies - Backlinko

    They will help you clear your doubts effectively.
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    use dofollow forums, promote our products with no spammy posts, it should help you in a month to improve the rank
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    Search engine optimization is the key factor to get success in blogging. You have to apply all the factors of search engines if you want to do well.
    1. Make a professional and user-friendly site.
    2. make sure you have added all the important pages, navigation bar, social share buttons and more.
    3. Work with a single niche.
    4. Write highly informative, helpful content that the audience is looking for. Write about trending topics.
    5. Do keywords research before writing. Select low competitive keywords. Use SEMRush or KWFinder to find the most profitable keywords.
    6. Do on page SEO properly. It is really important for ranking better.
    7. Increase your social presence. Join all the social networking sites.
    7. Join forums and Q&A sites. Take part in the discussion. Add your post link if it is relevant. Be careful about spamming.
    8. Do guest posting.
    9. Build top quality backlinks.
    10. Continue your work, it takes the time to reach the top.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    Everybody wants to rank on page 1, everybody is using some or the other strategy for the same. To rank on page 1 you need lots of pateince, hardwork and you also need some budget. Before you take some steps it is very important to know your niche and competition in it !
    Please let me know your niche.
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    1. Get Discovered with Local Keywords
    2. Clean Up You Location Data
    3. Intentional Website Structure
    4. Focus on User Experience
    5. Optimized for Mobile
    6. Have Original Images
    7. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
    8. Use Effective & relevant keywords
    9. Setup a Google My Business page
    10. Run Ad campaign
    11. Limit your focus keywords
    12. Be realistic

    Hope this will help you.
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  • First you have to do on page optimization and resolve all the queries that are listed in it. U can use seocheckuptool for checking your on-page status.
    Then you have to start off page seo.
    1) Social bookmarking
    2) Blog posting
    3)Info-graphic creation and submission
    3) video
    there are many off page tips which you can search on google. Your main motive is to bring traffic to your website. It will increase your rank.
    It will take some time and hard work to rank your site on 1st page
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    First of all, you should optimize and deal well on your page with the PageSpeed Insights tool. Then you start to Seo like
    - Blogging
    - Post video
    - Join forums ....
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    SEO is strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results.
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    Planning your keywords
    Content optimization
    On page Optimization
    Social media accounts
    Off page Optimization

    These steps will help you to rank your website in search engines.
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  • For ranking your site you have to do social media, then do off-page and on-page SEO, in off page SEO build authoritative links. You can also run ads on facebook or adwords depending on your budget. Once you build website for your business or marketing the very next step is to optimize it for getting more traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters when you want high traffic and higher rankings. here is step by step guide for how to optimize your website for search engine.
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    For rank your site on google.
    You have to follow
    On page seo technical part and then after ongoing Off page seo link building so in few month your will see your site rank on google
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    I would suggest organic seo method, if you use good on-page and off-page seo techniques, you can achieve better ranking on google.
    For example we have done recently a SEO Project of our client AVN Arogya website: Before starting seo they were getting one thousand visitors per month, now they are getting 20 thousand visitors per month.
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    Here are some steps to improve your site ranking it's really helping your site
    1. Publish Relevant Content
    2. Update Your Content Regularly
    3. Metadata
    Title Metadata
    Description Metadata
    Keyword Metadata
    4. Have a link-worthy site
    5. Use alt tags
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    Everything you do on your site is related to SEO. So SEO is the most important issue to reach the door of success.
    At first, I think you should be careful of your site design, your platform, and more.
    You can start with Blogger or Wordpress. But Wordpress can be your best option. Because most of the successful websites and blogs are running on WordPress. It has a lot of customization options and you have full control over your site. Select the best hosting for your site.
    Your design must be professional and attractive.
    Then you should focus on your content. Content is your product so you must have quality.
    Create high quality, informative and trending post that your users are looking for.
    Do on page SEO perfectly when your write content. It is the most important SEO factor.
    Do some keyword research before writing. It is another most important issue to rank higher in Google.
    You should select high competitive keywords at the beginning. You can use SEMRush, KWFinmder or Google Keyword Planner to find the most profitable keywords,
    Finally, focus on Social networking sites and high-quality relevant backlinks.
    The social network is really helpful to promote you and your site.
    Build high PR, relevant backlink. The backlink is your strength. But low-quality backlink is not helpful.
    SEO works slowly so keep quiet, don't hurry.
    You can also follow your influencers.
    Thanks, Munna, Mytechgoal.
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    Search engine optimization is best way Optimize the website.

    SEO Off page activity

    Content posting
    Blog submission
    Classified submission
    Directory submission
    Images sharing
    Forum Profile sharing
    PPT sharing
    Bookmarking submission
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    Keyword research
    Dofollow link building
    Onpage Optimization
    Social Media optimization
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    SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a technique used to increase the visibility of website on search engine result page.
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