Is it worth doing SEO on my site? Please help

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Hi, have a website, a one page lander basically with privacy, contact etc and I wanted to do some SEO with this site. I have a couple of questions:

1. Will it be worthwhile doing any SEO work to try and get this type of landing page to rank? (sales letter page basically) One SEO person said to me that I need to make my html site a responsive site to meet the needs of google, maybe selecting 4 KW's - would you say it is worth going down this route for this type of site or just sticking to other traffic methods like paid advertising and video etc?

Would really appreciate any help as I do not know if worth spending money making my site responsive or not. Thanks
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    Well if you don't want to do SEO, how do you want people to find your site?
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      Hi Pauloadaoag, like they do now via video and paid advertising - thanks
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    SEO work, when done properly, is always worth the effort. Be ready for testing and tweaking as you go along. It's not a "magic button", for sure.

    I think having more than one page with some actual valuable content is going to be helpful but you can always test with a single page and make adjustments as you go along.

    Brian Rooney, CEO Email Marketing AutoResponders
    Email Marketing Blog

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    SEO for Google is FREE and gives TARGETED traffic.

    In a nutshell, Google reads what is on your site, so yes SEO is a good idea.

    But hey, spend money if you'd like. (Paid Advertising)
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    Without SEO your site is not gonna show on search engine . you need to rank it to get some traffic on your page.
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  • Yes SEO is very important. Without SEO you cant get traffic on your site.
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    Yes SEO is very Important in the world of Google..

    They have made some algorithms through which one can rank top on Google.

    We too are using the same strategy to rank couple of our projects including dealhopp
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      Is it the case you have to make a website "mobile friendly" like a responsive site in order to meet the requirements of Google for SEO?

      Thanks again
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        Originally Posted by Moneyland View Post

        Is it the case you have to make a website "mobile friendly" like a responsive site in order to meet the requirements of Google for SEO?

        Thanks again
        From Google:

        "Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices."

        Brian Rooney, CEO Email Marketing AutoResponders
        Email Marketing Blog

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          You will rank differently for mobile users than you will for desktop users. This said, if you site is not mobile friendly, it will hurt your mobile search rankings, not your desktop. And with more than 75% of web searches being conducted on a mobile device, it would be wise that you have a mobile optimized site. Find some more stats about SEO on my site, kodeakteam.
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    SEO is not the only options you can also go for paid advertisements.
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    • Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      SEO is not the only options you can also go for paid advertisements.
      Hi michaelkoehler,

      Is Advertisement better than SEO? Do you solve my question? I am confused.

      have a nice time.
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    Most websites today are mobile friendly due to rise in mobile traffic. You should make your site responsive.
    Having someone doing SEO on your site and if it works (able to rank your keywords on top), then you'll get additional visitors. But there are also risks, depending on the link-building strategies that your seo will do.
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    Paid advertisement is a good source of traffic. But do you intent to spend money forever for traffic? If no, then you should focus on SEO. A good seo is always advisable for the blog to get visible for the viewers and potential customers. For a long time, I have also ignored the SEO for my blog- Trade Brains, and focused on other traffic sources like Q &A websites, Pinterest etc. However, I later found out that SEO is the best save for passive traffic. I will suggest you to focus on SEO.
    Further, it's also a good idea to make your website responsive as a number of people use different devices like mobile, ipad etc to browse. It will be a better experience for them if you made your website responsive. I hope the answer is useful.
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    There is no way that you can rank your website without SEO. Its 2017 and competition is so high!
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    Why we do seo? To get traffic in our sites. If you don't do seo then your website won't rank in google and no one will visit your site. Yeah, you should make your site responsive. That helps them who will visit your site through phone/tab.
    Hope you understood..
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    Only a website and quality content are not enough.
    Everything of your site is related to SEO. So when you do something, you should be careful about SEO.
    Without SEO how can you reach the door of the traffic?
    You should have proper knowledge about SEO, wrong SEO will go in vain.
    Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    Yes , SEO is very much important if you want steady flow of free targeted traffic.
    BUY HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS | Party Supplies Singapore | Affordable SEO Services
    Wordpress Developer | Sales Page Designing | Affiliate Site Development | HTML Website |
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  • It does worth doing SEO on any site.
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    Doing SEO for one-page landing website is a difficult stuff though. Because landing page contains things like email opt-in, testimonials, services and prices.
    Which makes Difficult for Google about:What is This Page all about?
    There are Some Still Some Technique Which You Can Use to drive traffic from Google.
    1.)Create a solution based landing page rather than a conventional landing page.
    2.)Add one more link your page which is blog. Because most of the landing pages contain this link too.
    3.)Write Some Article in Your Blog and make backlinks for them. Try to rank them for your main keyword. This will help you to increase your DA and PA.
    4.)Try for branding. So, people search for your brand.
    Making backlinks for a page. which has no content is such a waste of time. Try To Do SEO for your blog and then show your landing page to your audience
    I'm a Technical SEO expert and SEO consultant and a Fron End Developer too
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    Yes it will 100% worth but depends how you do seo what tactics you are using . have you fix complete on page , verify your google webmaster, fix error if find so this way you will get good ROI In few months
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    Present days SEO is must do on your website because if you don't do organic traffic will effect and you won't be available in front of your customers on the search engines
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    Yes it is very important. Without SEO its practically impossible to rank your site to higher level without SEO. If you don't want your site to rank then there is no need of SEO.
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      Definitely, if your website is not getting ranked you will have few visits or ever none. People need to know that the website is there.

      Moderator's Note: Affiliate Links are not allowed

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    Seo always work if you do it properly and it will make you fortune
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    well seo is a very important aspect for any website..seo helps to come your website on google search engine result page and also it brings so much traffic, which can lead you to conversion and your business can increase, it helps you for long term..!!
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    It's a must.Without SEO the website won't survive in a long run.Site won't be shown on being searched.
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  • It is really important to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. These two stuff are part of the Google's algorithm. !
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    hi there...can you please provide the URL of your site so that I can guide you on how to go about things as I am a digital content marketing consultant myself?...
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    SEO is the long term investment. So, it takes a long time to get traffic from Google to your website. But for me, it is a necessary investment.

    If you have money and want to get traffic immediately, Paid Advertising such as Paid Search or Facebook Ads is ok.
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    SEO and Websites go hand in hand.

    If you want the money, you need the customers, to get the customers you need search engines, what puts all that together is Search Engine Optimisation.

    Yep, better make a start on it
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    Do proper on and off page build high quality backlinks..!!!
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    Yes, it is worth! SEO is the primary route for promoting a site. Infact paid and video should be secondary.
    It is good that you are focusing on these but whats the use you are not focusing on the basic thing. It is right, you should start with less no of keywords and try to rank on those by making your site SEO friendly. Work on onpage and offpage SEO and try to locate where your site is standing. I think you should study the importance of each services individually. I would recommend you study different digital marketing blogs like Techmagnate to get more clear concept why each marketing techniques and services are essential.

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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    It is worth of doing seo on your get traffic on your site...and get rank in search engine.
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  • Yes without doing SEO how can one get traffic to their get your customers or leads only by making your website visible in the google for them to access.People get everything in online obviously your business get more consumers from your website and therefore SEO is certainly necessary.
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    Paid ads can be used for any kind of website - one page sales letter, responsive, HTML website and so on. Its works like - you pay money to Google and Google will show your website in Paid Ads section. You stop paying to Google, Google will stop advertising your website.

    But in case of SEO, if you do smartly with all rules - responsive design, on-page optimization, content quality, blog pages etc, you invest for short term and reaps results for long term even after you stop investing in SEO.

    Hope, that helps.

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