How to resolve soft 404 errors?

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Please guide me, how to resolve soft 404 errors.There are many website for which I am doing SEO work is having soft 404 error. Does redirection solve this issue? As we redirect error pages to relevant pages in case of hard 404?

Thanks in Advance..!
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    Follow these article. I am sure it will help you.
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    Redirect these pages (404 Error) to the informative pages.
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      Redirecting 250 URL?? Won't help. still thanks for suggestion.
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    Both Works, either you redirect your page link to informative pages or you can create 404 error landing page.
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      After creating custom 404 error page how google bot know that the page is 404 as server is returning 202. I agree it will help user but how does it will solve the problem???
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        You can update your ht.access file, ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
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    you can create 410 status error code for your pages so that when google crawls it easily de-index from pages.!!!
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      Thanks. Really helpful..!
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  • You can redirect your 404 errors to some other page using 301 redirects.
    If your website is made on wordpress you can easily add a redirect.
    Go to wordpress login
    Enter your credentials
    Go to Tools ---> Redirection
    Add the url which is showing 404 error
    Add the url where you want to redirect this url
    Click add redirect
    Wallah!!! done!!!
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    Here's a possible solution to resolve soft 404 error:
    1. Generally, 404 error arises when you type an incorrect URL or the page has been moved or removed from the website & you are unaware of it.
    2. If your file is static, open your client's FTP account & verify that the file exists in it.
    3. Search engines find that there's a real page error when the URL gets redirected. As a result, the URL may be crawled and its content is indexed. Please re-indexed it.

    Hope this will help you!
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    Redirecting a 404 is meaningless. Totally meaningless. Okay, more direct, useless.

    You people have no clue as to how the internet, servers, etc. work.

    404 errors have nothing to do with seo, unless YOU YOURSELF have typos or deleted something by mistake, or forgotten. But that's YOU!

    If people knew what a redirect signals or means, they would realize that redirecting a 404 is inane at best.

    Your best solution is to have a custom 404 error page. Period. End of story.

    Either redirect or custom have anything to do with SEO.

    BTW: You can NEVER, EVER, EVER, eliminate 404 errors.

    If you seriously don't know why, then I revert you to line #2 above.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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