After domain purchase what is the next step?

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Hi, I have purchased a new domain, but don't know what to do next? With my friend's help, I somehow managed to install a CMS. I want tons of visitors daily, what is next step?

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    How about this. Learn a lot. html, php, javascript, html5, mysql, etc.

    Then learn how servers work. What files do what, where, and when.

    Explore how google get results.

    Decide what you are an expert in, or can be with a lot of hard work.

    Then buy a domain....


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    1- learn wordpress, you can`t be a real marketer without it as it`s the best tool ever to build website
    2- learn listbuilding and traffic creation
    3- learn how to create a real sales page
    4- Learn learn learn and learn more
    5- do money
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    Ok so make something f** valuable for tons of people then.

    Are you using WordPress? Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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  • I think just owning a domain will not solve your problem. You have to move-out all the contents from your previous domain to new domain for which you might need web developer. I am not clear about it but i have some rough idea about it. Correct if i am wrong !
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      Actually planning for new content.
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