Why is the search engine result fluctuating? Link is not always in same position.

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I'm noticing that search engine result of my web page is fluctuating. Sometimes, it appears on the first page suddenly, and while sometimes it appears on the 6th page. Sometimes, it's not appearing on the 15th page. While other links have remained in the same position.

I placed several backlinks orders on Fiverr with specific keywords, where I get so many spammy backlinks that forced me to submit disavow file. After one day of submission, I noticed that the web page is on the first page of the Google sometimes. In the evening, I saw my link is not available even in the top 100 hundred results.

What is the reason behind these fluctuations? Why does my web page suddenly appeared on the first page of Google?

Previously, I thought that my website is penalized by Google, but later, I saw that my website seems fine.
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    you most likely hitting different data centers
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  • Ranking fluctuations are crucial to Google's algorithm, and they can take place every day, weekly or monthly. Yet, this doesn't generally mean that you need to be surprised every time update rolls along and you see a dunk in rankings.

    These are the factors that cause the instability in the search engine results:

    Search Engine Algorithm Updates

    - Whether announced or not, can cause ranking drops and ascends for few weeks after rollout.

    Content Updates

    - Refreshing content on a site is generally a good rule of thumb, yet critical changes can influence your rankings on a day to day basis as the search engines crawl your changing content. You may see few gains if the content turns out to be more pertinent to a targeted keyword, however, the opposite could also happen.

    Technical Issues

    - If you perform a robots.txt strategy or join include complicated code that slows up your site speed, you can see ranking drops from the lack of accessibility the crawlers have on your site.

    Inbound Link Strategies

    - If you perform an outreach and linking strategy to point to particular pages, the sudden influx of links can cause a fast gain in rankings. Then again, the loss of links pointing to your site can cause a serious drop.
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