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I bought a good domain and redirect my recent website to it. But when I advertise it on Google adwords, it shows that there are "Counterfeit products" on it. What's more, when I use the "site:" or just search the domain name, I found Google did not index the front page(homepage or domain page) in the result.
1. This website is built only about 10 days ago;
2. All the contents like texts, photos, except the customer reviews are created by us;
3. No copycat product on the website, all products are designed by us;
4. Not mention any other brands in website;
5. No manual action button on Search Console;
So I guess this website did have "Counterfeit products" and break the DMCA policy before(I checked the archive history, it shows that this domain ran to about 2014, and no google index when I bought this domain). About 3 years passed, Did Google still remember that?
How could I solve this problem if I want to continue to use this domain(really good domain name)? Or if there are some other reason that make my homepage do not indexed.
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    Good Chance that google has indexed the last known content and meta data - however have you used the search console to get google to recrawl the site via "fetch as" ?
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    Please, show the url.
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    Hi, I did ask google to recrawl the site via "fetch as".
    Today google adwords gave me a call that they rejected to remove the "Counterfeit Products" warning with no reason, just "NO" and I could not do Google adwords ever. I think this domain is on some black page of Google and DMCA. Maybe there's no way to solve the problem. I think it is quick hard to avoid domains that made Counterfeit products 3 years before.
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    We can not check your site without URL.
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