Domain names: nyc- or ny- for New York (City)?

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I am trying to decide which would be the best domains names for websites related to New York City (not New York state), those which start with nyc- or those which start with simply ny- ? (Note: the hyphen here just indicates that it is a prefix, and is not part of the name).
BTW, I have ruled out the full forms "NewYork-" and "NewYorkCity-" because they would make the domain name too long, I think -- please correct me if you think I am mistaken on this).

On the one hand, ny- is shorter, which in general is advisable for domain names.
On the other hand, the three-letter combination NYC makes the meaning of these letters much more immediately understandable to anyone, especially when the letters are written capitalized (like
To be on the safe side, I have registered both domains, fearing that a competitor might register the other one and steal part of my incoming traffic.
However, now I need to settle on one of the two, whose name will be advertised.

Could you please share your thoughts and help me solve this dilemma?


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    In my opinion, you are seriously over thinking every detail of the PBN you are asking about.

    nyc - simple decision
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