How to Increase Organic Traffic and Leads?

by deeps
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My all keywords are in Top 10 but leads and organic traffic is not good. how to increase CTR for my website??
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    Off Page SEO will help to increase organic traffic as well as leads for your business.
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    Hello deeps,

    Check with the Google Keyword planner tool if all your keywords have a good average search or not. This is will you in shortlisting the keywords which can bring you business.

    Do on-page optimisation. Write eye-catching meta description and titles rather than leaving them blank or writing general stuff.

    Do SMO. Social Media Optimization will help you get a lot of organic traffic on your website. Keep posting on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
    Make sure you post some audience engaging posts as well to keep your audience hooked to you.

    All the best!
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    How many searches per month of that keyword for which you are ranking on the first page?

    If there are good volume then you must change eye catching title and meta description.
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    For lead generation, you must use Linkedin. We can achieve organic traffic by off page submission. But the main thing is lead should be generate.
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    Hi deeps,

    I think for Increase Organic Traffic and Leads you have to do
    Perform Keyword Research
    Example: If you are a marketing agency, your list may include topics like "marketing agency", "seo", "email marketing", "social media" and "online marketing". Once you make your list, you should start thinking about the phrases that are looking for your audience. Hubspot provides a keyword tool that lets you sort through your keyword list based on order, visitor, rank and difficulty, so that you can quickly cut through clutter, with high search volume and low competition keywords Keep your eyes to target
    Optimize your website,Use long tail keywords,Blog often,Create Quality Content. Get social like facebook, twitter, google plus
    it's help you to increase Organic Traffic

    For leeds you have to do
    Directly engage with leads , Deploy outbound & inbound marketing, Invest in new technology, Find leads on Twitter, Develop & optimize informative content, Make your Tweets sing, Tap into databases, Market through LinkedIn, Automate your marketing. It's help you to increase leeds

    Hope this help you.
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    Do Off Page Submissions to increase organic traffic and leads....
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      I found this invaluable when building traffic for my new website. Really helped with Google search and helping trend all keywords upward on a continuous basis.
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    You need to keep content fresh and engaging. If you dont have time to post fresh content daily use an automated blogging system/software.
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    Here are a few tips and tricks to increase organic traffic & leads :.

    Perform Keyword Research
    Optimize your website
    Use long tail keywords
    Blog often
    Create Quality Content
    Get social
    link building

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      I found using long tail keywords was a great way to get quick results while waiting for the more general words to attract more traffic!
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    Your search keywords might not have good volume or traffic. Please check with Google Adwords and change your strategy if this is the case - you need to optimize your website for relevant keywords.

    Good luck.

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    So, how many people search with your keywords?

    Before Google put 3 or 4 ads at the top of a page, #1 organic position got 33% of the searches, #10 got a bit over 1%. If you're #10, unless there are millions of searches, you ain't getting all that much traffic, no matter what.

    I am assuming, with no basis for it but my gut, that, if Google puts 3 ads at the top of a page for your keywords, the number 1 organic probably gets somewhere around 8% of the searches (like it used to be for #4 before Google put ads at the top of result pages).

    So, is your CTR that's low or the number of searches?

    Originally Posted by deeps View Post

    My all keywords are in Top 10 but leads and organic traffic is not good. how to increase CTR for my website??
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    Here are the few smart ways to increase organic traffic to a website

    1. Get to know your customers
    2. Research and identify keywords
    3. Use long tail keywords
    4. Use links strategically
    5. Optimize your meta data and content
    6. Create a powerful internal linking system
    7. Add Video to Your Website and Blog
    8. Post new content frequently
    9. Use social media
    10. Monitor your SEO progress and the incoming links
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    Social media is the best way to generate traffic.
    For organic traffic, you have to make strong "on-page".

    If you want more eye ball on your content then you have to write eye catchy content.
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    Create The Best Content You Possibly Can. ...
    Grab The Low-Hanging Fruit. ...
    Write Consistently. ...
    Guest Blog For Traffic, Not SEO. ...
    Don't Anger Google. ...
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    Maybe its time to look at content? If you are in the top 10 but no one is clicking then something is up. Are you using any analytics software to see the user flow?
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    Originally Posted by deeps View Post

    My all keywords are in Top 10 but leads and organic traffic is not good. how to increase CTR for my website??
    In order for you to increase your CTR, you must create high-quality and appealing content. By doing this, you can easily generate huge traffic.

    These threads might help you increase your CTR:
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    Originally Posted by deeps View Post

    My all keywords are in Top 10 but leads and organic traffic is not good. how to increase CTR for my website??
    Do your keywords having good search volume? If not, you will not be getting any traffic and leads.

    First, you need to make sure your selected keywords are having good search volume. For this, you've to use - google keyword planner

    (Search Volume - It is data provided by Google to identify how many people are searching your service/product keywords in google).

    After using this tool, of course, get the idea. So, you can target the good keywords and increase your leads.

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    you can increase your website organic traffic through website localization, or in simple words - translate your website.

    But you should carry out a detailed research into which languages it is worth localizing, so that your investments will not be useless.
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    Have you done market research and analysis for your business? If not, then I suggest you make one. This will help you generate not just traffic to your site but also a traffic that converts.

    12BET | Live Casino Malaysia

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    @deeps First of all, check whether your website getting organic traffic from essentials keywords or not.

    If your website getting good traffic for potential keywords, use any CRO tool to predict visitors intention.

    I would suggest you to use any recording tool like hotjar. Then you can easily find out visitors activities. It will help you to identify what you need to do with website such as content optimization, navigation optimization, linking and so on...
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