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We are working on backlinking and keyword monitoring, we have a local business, and we need to know is it better to put the area name on the keywords as well or leave it to google?

For example:

Hankook Tyres
or Hankook tyres Melbourne (while we are Tyre shop located in Melbourne)
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    Hankook Tyres is your brand so most of your backlinks and anchor text should use that.

    Then you can add in some of your more higher powered backlinks using the location variation:

    Hankook Tyres in Melbourne
    Melbourne shop HanKook Tyres
    Hankook Tyres of Melbourne
    Hankook Tyres in Melbourne
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    As you said - you are a local business, so it's always good to add your location name along with your keywords. That will help you getting leads/inquiries from local area where you offer your services. You might like to add different locations when you plan to expand/export your services in other locations as well. Hope that helps.
    Good luck.
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    how about link bulding is would be good to be all keyword link to home page or specified page like ?? or
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    As you mentioned you have the local business, so it's good to mention city name with your keywords. Because its help to get traffic from your local area and improve website rank on the local google search engine.
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    Yes, buddy. By putting area name after your keyword it simple means laser targeted leads.

    You need to focus on maps and knowledge graphs for better local SEO. There are plenty of tips on warrior forum related to local SEO.
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    I think you should put area name on the keywords...because it helps to get traffic from your local area..and improves ranking...
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