Do iframes hurt SEO rankings?

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Hi guys,
We set up a page here and wonder what are the SEO implications of an iframe?

So we added an iframe in it. Will it affect the rankings and if so how? Penalization issues?

Thanks a lot guys in advance for your help.

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    anyone can provide feedback pls?

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    I cannot find any iframe on the link you provided.
    Iframe doen't hurt website to have iframes but the content within the iframes doesn't help the website for seo.
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      Originally Posted by Shine9 View Post

      ...the content within the iframes doesn't help the website for seo.

      Not always true.

      A self hosted iframe can be crawled as on-page content. The text cache will show a blank page but the Google SERP description will show the iframe text, assuming the SERP description text is pulled from the webpage instead of a meta description. Proof Google is currently parsing self hosted iframes as on-page content.

      Anyways, I've seen this happen a few times but I wouldn't do something like this on purpose because it's a 50/50 gamble Google will be consistent treating iframe content as on-page content.
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    According to my experience, the iframe also affects more or less on the class website because google does not like that. You should choose another method to replace the iframe.
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