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Hi there

I just want some advice about SEO. I tried to run an amazon affiliate site, but my site ranking was terrible. Now I want to try again. There are a bunch of well recognized companies that provide SEO services for a couple of hundred dollars. I just want to know is that going to be worth spending that much money?

Thanks in advance...
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    I seriously doubt any reputable SEO business or even freelancer is selling SEO other than consulting for $200.
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    • sorry.. I mean $200 per month...
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        Originally Posted by Md Raihanul Arafin View Post

        sorry.. I mean $200 per month...
        Yeah I knew you meant $200 a month but thats not good enough money to rank in a competitive niche. If you are really strapped for cash I would suggest you spend money on some GREAT keyword research because only if you hit gold finding keywords without much competition is $200 a month going to serve you well.

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      Can you tell me what kinda rates people charge for maintaining good SEO rankings?

      or atleast a range, curious as to how much this can vary and the factors that affect this price!

      Thank you in advance
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    Your question cannot be answered accurately because

    A) No one knows what those providers will be doing
    B) no one knows the niche or keyword you are going for
    C) no one knows the product price or commission level.

    That said - a couple hundred is NOT "that much" as you seem to think it is. If you are going into even a moderately competitive niche it will not be close to enough to get any good results

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    Yeah, $200/month is not a price any legitimate SEO company would charge. For that price, you will likely get the same crappy backlinks that you could place yourself with no editorial oversight - blog comments, forum links, splogs, social bookmarking - all utterly worthless.
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    uhm... hard question to answer. I think you should better take a class of SEO. And do it your self
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  • Yes you can hire an seo company for really low price. There are many company that charge very less around $1000 and are very effective. But you must go throw through research before hiring them.
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    Hey buddy,
    I have used FATJOE. Link Building Services for SEO Agencies in past for guest post outreach and I must say they are good quality. They are bit expensive but results are good.
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    Hi everyone Can you please help me to make some money
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    Why not create review videos on Youtube, and make money from that?

    There will be some YT seo stuff, but that´s easy with review videos from Amazon ect. If you can´t rank then you can use a specific Fiverr gig to rank your video on 1st page and Google and YT very fast.

    Google this: I Will Skyrocket Your Google Rankings With 30 Pr9 High Pr Seo Social Backlinks and you should find that gig (It´s not my gig). That gig works very well for review videos.
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