How does Google Rank Domain Names?

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Hi all,

I'm very new to digital marketing and trying to choose a domain name. I've been doing keyword research using the Google Keyword planner and a lot of my keywords have low to medium search volume, except for the word 'sports' which has high search volume. So let's say I have the domain ''. Do the search engines see the word 'sports' in that domain, split it from the domain as a whole so it has the high search volume or does Google just see '' and pays no attention to the single word 'sports'?
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      Originally Posted by SEOptimization@1 View Post

      very interesting content....
      also brand names alone cant do all that it takes to get your website ranking on SE's you also need to build quality links to your site using keywords that have good search metrics

      just like the article can only dream of the day link building wont matter...but right now its one of the most important factor to rank a website.
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        Thank you! Yes, just learning about link building.
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      Thank you, great reads!!
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    It used to be important. Now they don't have a huge importance.

    It helps for sure, but it's more important
    domain name trust
    domain name authority

    So trying to go for an exact domain name match is not so important or relevant now a days.
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    Google does not rank domain names. Anyone who tells you they do, has always been wrong.

    You are at a forum called So, what is google supposed to "rank" out of that?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I believe google rank a site not through the domain name but how optimized a site is. You can have a good set of keywords on your domain but if your site is not well optimized it is worthless. You build your site as a whole, so if you are just focus on your domain name then you'll miss out a lot.

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