What will an SEO company do to rank your articles?

by ncloud
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I heard you can go to freelancer and pay an SEO company to get your articles ranking high for your keywords. Although I also heard you have to pay them monthly to keep your high rankings. Is this true?

What exactly do they do to get your articles ranking high? And does anybody know how much it would cost?
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    Different SEO companies do different things. The better ones start with an SEO audit and point out things that need to be fixed on the site itself (website speed, canonical tags, on-page SEO, robtos.txt fixes, etc.) and then analyze the backlink profile.

    What they actually do after that depends on what you are willing to pay for. That could include building backlinks, optimizing your site for targeted phrases, content creation, content marketing, guest posting.
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    After fixing all the present on-page factors. They focuses on the backlink profile of the site. An SEO company provides various options of backlinks with different prices. You just have to decide what amount of money you are willing to pay for them.
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    SEO Companies help your articles/ URLs optimizing in Google for your relevant SEO Keywords by following "Diversified Links Strategy":
    1. Unique Descriptions for Bookmark and Tier 2 Submissions
    2. Unique Blogs Writing and Submissions
    3. Edu Links
    4. Tier 2 Submissions
    5. Profile Links
    6. High DA/TF Blogs Submissions (DA upto 99 and TF upto 28)
    7. Tier 2 Submissions of High DA Blogs
    8. Social Media Submissions of High DA Blogs

    SEO Implementation Strategy:
    1. 15% Main Keywords
    2. 40-45% LSI (8-10 Types of LSI)
    3. Rest - Naked URLs/Branded Names
    4. Drip Feed

    Hope, that helps.

    Good Luck.

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    Originally Posted by SEOptimization@1 View Post

    SEO Companies
    No legit SEO company would do any of that. Only SEO spammers do that.
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      They were not talking about legit SEO companies. They were talking about what they sell. You should click on the link in their signature... You'd love the landing page, so full of crap and stolen images of the actors from Fast and Furious that you'll be filled with trust and want to fork over your money.

      Here's where it takes you, their link: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...r.html#taglist.

      They ping and retweet and more. It's gotta be amazing!

      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      No legit SEO company would do any of that. Only SEO spammers do that.
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    Press releases, Private Blog Networks, pure spam... You name it. You get what you pay for - you first want to have your keyword research on point in order to know who you're up against, then do your own research to see what actually needs to be done, and only then find someone who can do it. Make sure they lay their exact strategy out - if you're not comfortable with anything blackhat you should make that clear.
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    Well very SEO agency has different approaches its best to ask them this question to them to get a better answer.
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    It sounds like some of them will do it all for you. I wonder if it's worth it though. If you have to pay them every month then it's not exactly free traffic. Would it be cheaper to go with some other paid traffic method?
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    • Originally Posted by ncloud View Post

      If you have to pay them every month then it's not exactly free traffic.
      Correct. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Even if you do it yourself, you can't say it's free. The time you put in is money. There's value in getting someone else to do SEO or anything else for you: it's cheaper, faster and generally, they do a better job. I wouldn't waste time to understand the tax code, I hire an accountant for that. I wouldn't represent myself in a murder trial, I'd get a lawyer specializing in this sort of thing.

      As for being cheaper to go with some other paid traffic method, that depends. How much do you pay for the service and how much traffic do you get and how many convert? There's a clear cost-per-sale number right there that can be compared to a PPC campaign.
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    Is social Bookmarking still relevant in Off-page techniques?
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    Hello ncloud,

    Different freelancers/SEO companies charge different prices for their services given. The prices usually depend upon the number of keywords used to keep up your website on the search engine or the number of keywords to want to pay for.

    The freelancers/SEO companies use different but similar activities to make your website rank. Activities usually done are article submission, Blog Submission, classified submission etc. Backlinks for your website are made to make it rank (Off-page SEO). Make sure that the person/company doing SEO for your website are building quality backlinks and they are not just focusing on quantity of backlinks. They will also be doing an audit of your website(on-page SEO) to make sure that it is perfectly optimised.
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    Yes, you can go to freelancer or Fiverr and pay someone to rank your keyword and if you want your keyword to do well continuously you have to pay them continuously because keyword ranking is a very competitive field and requires continuous work. The price may depend on various factors, But the key factor is keyword competitiveness.
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    It differs from company to company and service to service.

    Some of them use private PBN's, some of them use guest post outreach, some of them use blog commenting, some of them use link pyramid service.

    So it totally depends.

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    they wont so sh1t because nothing works anymore
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    You should add guest posting in your off page activities, Get a backlink from sites related to your niche either by paying or by providing informative content to them. For paid guest posting you can contact me.
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