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One week ago I've changed my website from HTTP to HTTPS and since then I am unable to index new pages to Google and some pages disappeared.

Even pages where I was ranking #1 on Google (when using HTTP) aren't being shown anymore on the searches. These links aren't being shown even in another page. They've gone from Google.

I go to Webmaster Tools trying to index manually, but since last week the message "Temporarily unavailable" is everything that I get.

The curious fact is that some pages still are indexed while others not.

What do I need to do in this case? I lost the first position for the most searched keywords in my niche and since I can't index by myself I am losing a lot of traffic.

Thanks in advance!

### UPDATE: ###

In the HTTPS robots.txt version in the last line I've found this:


As you can see, it is referring to the HTTP version of my site. Guess that changing it will help, right?
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    How many days since you've made the change? Have you updated your sitemaps?
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      Paulo, we've made the change last week on Friday.

      Our sitemap is already updated to list the URLs using https://.
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        Probably give it a few more days? Have you created a separate WMT property for the https site?
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          Yes, we have a different WMT property for the https site.

          Well, unfortunately maybe we will have to wait a few more days, but I am afraid that even in the next week our pages won't being shown on the searches.
          That's why I've asked here to see if someone already had this problem.

          As I've said on the main message, many pages are being shown normally while others disappeared.

          I also read that is common a decrease on the ranking. But many pages from my store (it is an ecommerce) are gone.
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          I've checked the robots.txt on my https site and I've found this in the last line of the archive:


          I guess that I have to change this link to https, right?
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      Mike, I've tested for two of the links that disappeared from Google when changed to HTTPS and the redirect worked fine.

      These links that disappeared were the #1 for the keyword that I've wanted to rank for.

      Other point that I will add in the main message is that I've acessed the robots.txt from the https version and in the last line it is referring to the sitemap from the http version:


      I guess that changing this will at least help a little bit, right?

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    I have same problem in one of my project. only 3-4 url are not indexing with https.
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      I am searching everywhere in the web to find a solution, but every time I see the same answers.

      I've already did all what they suggest: creating a new WMT property, changing robots.txt and sitemap.xml, but everything seems to not work.

      What I am doing now is just waiting a few more days to see if Google finally index my pages.
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    Just a small update.

    I've waited the whole weekend and nothing changed.
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