Is PPC Effects to SEO Ranking?

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I want know, ppc marketing effects seo ranking in google or not?
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    Originally Posted by DrShivaniSachdevGour View Post

    I want know, ppc marketing effects seo ranking in google or not?
    It won't have any direct effect.
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    There is no effect in ranking if we use PPC.

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    I personally see effects in gaining a bit of serp rankings but that might be due to user interface and conversions .
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    There is no connection between PPC and SEO rankings. If you do proper adwords campaign with good quality score to your ad, you will get good results from PPC ad. If you do proper ON Page and OFF page strategies, you will get good results from organic search. But SEO results are permanent if you do continuously. But PPC results are not permanent.
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    As bangthetable says, its the otherway around, PPC have no affect on your SEO but SEO have an effect on your PPC ( Quality score)

    Mikael Soerensen
    SEO Consultant -

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  • Well I am also new to this topic and just doing research on this particular topic. Once I get enough info I will share with you all. Thanks for remind me for this topic.
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    No, no, no. This is a common perception - especially with website newbies. You can spend $100,000 per month with Google and it won't affect your search rankings. Think about it. Why would it? They'd much rather have you paying to rank on a page with ads. It would be a very bad business model to boost companies that advertise them up in the organic rankings.

    Matt Cutts talks about it here as one of the biggest SEO myths he sees people repeating -
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    SEO and PPC are not directly connected. PPC is done properly you will get better conversion rate. It will give you new unique customers and somewhere in long-term SEO Rankings will be affected in a good way.
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    No at all. PPC doesn't help in creating backlinks.
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    Yes, PPC or Paid Marketing affects SEO Ranking. PPC mainly used to get more traffic from relevant source to your website. More traffic means more profit to your business.
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    Yes, it effects. Suppose you are doing seo for any website then after 2 months, you will decide to run PPC on that particular website because of your ppc, it will increase your traffic
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    No direct affect as far as I know. PPC shows on the top of the organic results so there shouldn't be any problem happening related to SEO ranking.
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