Which project management tool is integrated with seo tools ?

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Hey actually i am looking for a tool which can manage my seo related projects with my other projects because jumping from one tool to another is quite hectic to manage project.
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    A good project management like Asana will let you do all that, there`s template and everything
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      Thanks for suggesting this tool ,,i was searching alot tools but could not find friendly tool..now i will try this in my project.
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    I guess you'll have long-term projects, recurring tasks, and one-time-only jobs for SEO. I don't know if any PM tool that integrates with common SEO tools. So, what I did was picking a simple and inexpensive tool that can do the basics like reminders, notifications, due dates, sub-tasks etc.

    I've used the following tools:
    • Asana
    • Hitask
    • Trello
    • Wunderlist
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      Try ViduPM you will get all the mentioned features in this tool
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        There are some tools for seo are:
        3.shouting frog seo spider tools.
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    If you are looking for a new project management platform or are looking to implement your first tool, check out these options:
    1) Basecamp.
    2) Workamajig.
    3) FunctionPoint.
    4) 10,000ft Plans.
    5) Teamwork Projects.
    6) iMeet Central.
    7) Zoho Projects.
    8) WorkflowMax.
    9) ActiveCollab
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    According to my experience, Basecamp is the best. I have been using for 5 years and I really satisfied with it for communication with the clients regarding all projects.
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    Hlo guys
    some project management seo tools.
    Teamwork projects
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    Workflow tools is good one you can try them
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    According to me Basecamp and Sifter are best tool for Manage the SEO Projects. Surely it will helps you!!
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    Google AdWords Keyword Tool, KeywordSpy, Google Webmaster Tools, Google PageSpeed Tool
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    Try Workplace by Facabook.
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