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Hi all,

How does SEO influence the purchasing decision of the customers? Is it true that customers do the online research before buying anything online?

Thanks in advance
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    Don't you?

    I research anything I am going to put my money down on.

    Especially if it's a product I buy online.

    I want to buy something that I know is right for me.

    If it's a service or consulting, I want to know that the person I will be dealing with for the next [insert time here] is going to actually be able to point me in the right direction.

    Yes, SEO will influence a decision, I believe.

    If the content on your website is full of value and not just fluff then people will be more inclined to buy.

    Not to mention you'll be higher up the search rankings so your link is more likely to be clicked.
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    SEO's they do the marketing and ranks up the site so that the website will come's in first page results. And obviously, you aren't gonna get the result from a second result search page for whatever you enquired. Thus it means an SEO could influence a customer by ranking a page.
    And it true for most of the cases that customer go for a basic research based on the product or else they know about it. You need to know that not everyone go for a research but some few people will go for it.
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    Yes! its influence a lot because customers always wants to buy best product at the best cheap price. So they search all around for getting the best product.
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    I doubt you go out and blindly purchase anything before finding more about the product. That's when reviews kick in.
    If you run reviews website, you actually get someone to purchase an item after reading your article. That's called selling, not SEO.
    From the other hand, to get your review in front of the people you do need SEO, so yeah, indirectly, SEO can make people buy stuff.
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    SEO has practically ZERO influence on whether someone purchases something or not. Search Engine Optimization is about optimizing your site so that it ranks well in search engines. So, the only effect it has on a "purchasing decision" is that nobody can make that decision if they never find your website.

    Optimizing a site for people and conversions is an entirely different thing. This is why we suggest making a website for people first, answering their questions, providing clear and sensible navigation, making it easy for them to make a decision and feel confident about adding things to their shopping cart.

    Then, AFTER you have created the site for people, go back in and make small SEO tweaks to the pages so that they stand a better chance of appearing in the SERPs for targeted keyword phrases.
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    Yes it does. Every people do research about things they're going to buy. They need to know exactly what they will pay for. So that doing SEO will help your products appear in their decisions. IMO
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    Yes most customers do research on google to find reviews about the product they are interested in and this goes with Youtube and other search engines too mostly this two. Remember organic traffic is quality traffic
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    Sorry guys, but it is apparent you do not know what the term "purchasing decision" means. SEO only helps people find your website. It DOES NOT convince them to buy from you.

    Sure, without SEO, they cannot find you organically (although they could find out about your website via several other ways). Once on your site - however they got there - they need a reason to buy from you instead of the many other websites that likely have the same product. All the SEO in the world isn't going to help them make that purchasing decision.
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    Agreed. It can help you achieve a high ranking in search engine results, thus a user find your page. This will obviously help people find your website, heightening the chance of them buying from it.
    However, as a consumer, if your site has what I need to buy at a competitive price then I'm not really bothered about many other factors.
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    SEO will help the people to find the best and relevant products to their needs. if customer satisfies the details mostly they go on to purchase the product.
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