Best way to increase traffic on my new website?

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I want to know how I increase traffic or SEO ranking of my new website
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    Until you start ranking high, try getting into some social network groups related to your websites, build authority there, and post something from your blog every now and then.

    What else could work is to apply, what Brian Dean calls, a skyscraper technique, which works something like this:

    1) Find great content which is already being linked to from powerful blogs
    2) Create and publish better content than theirs on the same topic
    3) Contact those who backlinked to their content and tell them "I've got something even better for you to share" (not literally to write that tho )

    Or you can send some paid traffic to your website too.

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    Start sharing innovative wallpapers on Google+, Facebook (Page, Groups), Linkedin Groups, Twitter and Pinterest on regular basis with # symbol and your target keywords.

    Soon, you will see great traffic on your website and start receiving inquiries.

    We have done it for lots of customers and helped them getting visibility in their niche market.

    PS: You could use to design innovative wallpapers / quotations / designs etc.

    Hope, that helps.

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    You Should Write or Pick an Excellent Creative Content for your website then publish your contents on the different blog posting sites then start social bookmarking of your website with blog commenting and then the most important thing is to share all these things on social media sites with excellent description and hashtags.
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    Different social media link Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc can hep you to get huge traffic.
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    Hi, 9ightout If you want to truly increase website traffic, you first need to make sure your website content is optimized. Otherwise, the traffic will be fleeting and only temporary. after this, you must create the social media accounts.
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    Optimized your website is the first and very important step to boost traffic to your website. Optimized the content of the website and use Proper CTA's so the customer can easily contact you regarding their query. Use proper interlinking on the website so that customers can reach your services and get the maximum out of your service.
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    Hi 9ightout

    I just checked your website and noticed following area of improvements which can surely help you in increasing website traffic:

    1. Your site Alexa Rank is poor but hold on! It can be because of a new website. You need to increase your traffic to fix it.

    2. Update your blog daily, if not possible then at least, post 3 or 4 blogs per week. Create creative content targeting your keywords. Your last blog was on 11th September. You need to post bogs regularly. Identify your keywords, use a combination of exact and long-tail keywords and create content revolving around those keywords. Your keywords can be best nightout places, best bars, parties, etc.

    3. I discovered that on your home page, you have mentioned 9ightout many times and that's acceptable because it's your domain name. But, users always will search for nightout instead of 9ightout. So, use this keyword also in your content.

    4. Your website page load speed is very slow. Check your page speed insights and optimize your page. It is taking more than 3 seconds to load on my desktop. You may lose traffic because of a slow page. Minify your coding, enable caching, enable compression and attain image optimization so that you can deliver responsive images across all platforms. Use proper interlinking making the relevant word your anchor text.

    5. Build Social Media Engagement: The niche in which you are working is very popular among the social media audience. Share your articles on social media channels and build engagement. You can drive a lot of traffic to your website from social media.

    Hope, these tips would help you. ALl the best!
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      Got to know much from your meaningful response!
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    You have need to do the on-page properly of your website. You can get traffic by sharing post on social media i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ etc. Good luck!!
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    Social shearing is the best platform to traffic a new website.
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    Well increase your site online presence, your domain name tells me that it needs more exposure. Seriously though, is that the best domain name you can have? I mean, it is unique yeah but imho you will need a lot of work to do.

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    Here are some most necessary fixing for you:
    1) Optimize your Website Images
    2) Increase your Website Page Speed
    3) Don't index archive pages ( Like
    4) Do guest post in relevant website as much as you can

    Wizard of WordPress, SEO and Marketing @

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    When u started a new website u should that is your websites content copy form any other site ? content should not copy from another site,then should firstly start directory then book marking and then u post article using fresh and quality content ,also create new blog and post different topic form your website
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    1. Optimize Your Website Content
    2. Crush It With Social Media
    3. Master Content Outreach
    4. Use Eye-Catching Photos
    5. Internal Linking (important!)
    6. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
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    First never share your projects on public. It's not good at all.

    Still most powerful and targeted traffic is search engine traffic.

    By optimizing your onpage and off page seo you can improve. Btw it's one most difficult trial and errors subject.
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    There are many ways to get traffic on your site you can read more at 5 Killer SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2017 - Earning Valley
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    1. Guest Post.
    2. Build Your Social Media Audience.
    3. Leverage Influencers.
    4. Use Paid Ads
    5. Run Contests and Promotions.
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    You should check this post out. Extremely actionable on-page SEO tips that you can probably implement in a day.
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    Hi 9ightout,

    The best way to increase traffic on your new website is to do SEO and SMO.

    In SEO, you have to choose keywords according to your website and in SMO you have to publicise your website.

    Keep sharing the links of your web pages on Social Media platforms and ask your friends and family to like them and share them. This will give an organic reach to your web pages. Else you can invest a little in the form post boost and advertisement to make it popular.

    In SEO, create backlinks as per the keywords and related website URLs. Make sure you create good quality backlinks and the content you put up is original.


    Grow your business with Digital Marketing Agency

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  • YOu should start doing SEO and SMO. You should fix all the on page seo issues. so my advice is first do on page seo of your site and then move on to off page seo and smo. It depends on your site what you can opt.
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    Unique content ultimately engages visitors and convinces them to purchase a product or return to the site. However, it is not just well written content that attracts visitors. Naturally, the quality of it is of chief importance, but so too is its uniqueness.
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      Originally Posted by Ferhief View Post

      Unique content ultimately engages visitors and convinces them to purchase a product or return to the site. However, it is not just well written content that attracts visitors. Naturally, the quality of it is of chief importance, but so too is its uniqueness.
      That is not true. Uniqueness doesn't convince anyone to buy or not buy. If someone comes to your webpage, they don't do a search across the rest of the internet to see if the content is unique or not.

      Amazon is full of content that is not unique. People buy anyway. Want to know why? Because nobody cares about unique content.
      Get the TIPS and STRATEGIES I use to HELP businesses GROW through SEO.
      Delivered to you each week!

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    Change the branding AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

    Its positively awful because it cuts down one of the best ways that app usage increases

    user referrals

    This to me is a pretty good social play over even SEO but 9ightout is going to be confused with nightout and when that is searched for on google play etc you are just giving that referral to some other app.

    Maybe someone thought the name was cute but confusing to potential users isn't cute.

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    1. Participate in guest posting.
    2. Participate social networking sites
    3. To get website traffics use Google Ads
    4. Submit website in social bookmarking sites
    5. Completely finished the on Page SEO

    It will give the best traffic and Ranking also
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    Most of the answers explained everything properly.
    I will suggest you to post on Quora and leave a link to related questions to your blog posts but don't leave too many links.
    You can also submit your articles on Wonderhowto and Techspy.
    Use a cache plugin and CDN for fast loading.
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    I want to know how I increase traffic or SEO ranking of my new website 9ightout - Before you start looking at increasing traffic you MUST review your content, your server, revise you H tags and your media files. Look at these areas for your page loading speeds.
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    l have had a look at a number of your posts. They have a fairly small amount of text which may be having a negative effect of SEO. I would recommend that you target long-tail keywords and perhaps have a bit more text in each post.

    Very best wishes
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    According to mine personal experience you have to start writing quality content, blogs for your website & then do guest posting for the blogs on high pr sites.
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    Social media sites are the best way to increase website traffic.
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    After having your site be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors as well as traffic. There're many ways you can do to promote your site and get traffic, on both free methods and paid methods.

    Free methods such as: Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...and many other channels that give you free using and promotions

    Paid methods such as:
    Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, banner ads,...

    So that, it depends on your budgets then you choose which methods can give you the best effort. Or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results

    I hope this helps.
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    You need like this, Step 1: On-Page Seo, Step 2: Unique content, Step 3: Off-Page Seo, Create Backlink.
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    In my opinion you should do Social Media Marketing to improve traffic on your website, Create post related to your services using # tag also use your website URL in your post. Social Media is a good source for traffic.
    You can post Article, Press Release, Blog & Web 2.0 to improve traffic & ranking.
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    The important points you should know for get traffic are-
    Content-Should be relevant,unique & creative
    Backlinks- by directory,blog commenting,Guest posting
    Social Presence-on different social sites-
    fb,google+,twitter etc
    Make people search you on search engines.This will increase your page ranking.
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    In addition to above, try to follow Diversified Links Strategy:

    Unique Content - Articles and Descriptions for Blogs, Bookmark and Tier 2 Submissions
    Quality Blog Submissions
    Edu Links Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions
    Profile Links Submissions
    High DA/TF Blogs Submissions
    High RD Blogs Submissions
    Social Media Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions of High DA Blogs
    Social Media Submissions of High DA Blogs
    Press Release Submission
    Tier 2 Submissions of PR Links
    Social Media Submissions of PR Links

    15% Main Keywords
    40-45% LSI (8-10 Types of LSI)
    Rest - Naked URLs/Branded Names
    Drip Feed


    Anchor text is "exact match" if it includes a keyword that mirrors the page that is being linked to. For example: 'link building' linking to a page about link building.

    Anchor text that includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. For example: 'link building strategies' linking to a page about link building.

    A brand name used as anchor text. For example: 'BHW' linking to an article on the BHW Forum.

    Naked Link
    A URL that is used as an anchor '' is a naked link anchor.

    A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. "Click here" or "Read more" is a common generic anchor.

    Whenever an image is linked, Google will use the text contained in the image's alt attribute as the anchor text.

    Hope that helps.

    Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help.

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    use powerful keywords in everything you do
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    Try to use the below techniques.

    1. Contact people about Guest Blogging
    2. Create a social media schedule to post your articles up to six times
    3. Use long tail keywords
    4. Add images to your old blog posts
    5. Add large twitter card code to your next post
    6. Tweet 20 influencers about your latest article
    7. Speed up your page
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