What is the usage of anchor tag in SEO?

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What is the usage of anchor tag in SEO?
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    In SEO,
    Anchor tags are really important. Search engines supposed to rank your websites for Anchor Tags.

    So as per on-page SEO, try using keywords in your Anchor tags so that it will enhance ranking of your website for those keywords.
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    Anchor tag (in HTML) or anchor text is the visible clickable link. It should be related to the website content you are linking to. It should not be a generic term such as "know more"," read here", "check here", etc. As per on-page SEO recommendations, it is best to use your keyword as the anchor text.

    For example: To get more information, read this MOZ article about Anchor Text. Making relevant anchor texts plays an important role in link building. It can help you in improving your search ranking.
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    Anchor tag is most important to link your webpages on the website and with including the keywords it helps to get good position on the search engine.
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    Anchor tag is the keyword on which Hyperlink is given, is one of the most important html tags in terms of SEO. It used to build Internal link with in our webpage to reduce Bounce Rate. It helps to create an link with relevant text on website/blog or a web page. also it refers to others links to our website, if we do it properly that is referred as back links by major Search engines.
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    Anchor text is the clickable text in hyperlink. This is the combination with natural language and processing of source and information. These are crucial part for SEO and thus dictates the relevant page we want to link with.
    Anchor texts are a crucial part of SEO and strongly impact your search . SEO ranking factor, anchor text is going to play a significant role
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    Robots can't read the text embedded in images, so if you know that a keyword is important for the website you're designing for, don't put that text under images.
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