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Hi, I had an old static website and now my designer made the website responsive. I invested some money into this so want to try and do the best I can to generate some additional traffic.

1. Although not a new site/domain please can you tell me what I can do at this time SEO wise to start receiving rankings by using certain techniques. Is there anything I should specifically be doing to increase 'mobile traffic' now?

2. I understand I could provide some answers on Quora for example - is there benefit having more than 1 link to my site from the same platform. i.e. is 50 links from Quora to my site more beneficial than just the 1 link from a particular platform?

3. I am targeting a few KW's on my site - how should I incorporate these KW into my SEO is it advisable to 'sometimes' use a KW as an anchor text?

Thanks if anyone can offer me some tips to help.
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