Huge Drop in Bing Ranking after switching to SSL/https (even 5 months later)

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My site was sitting happily at #1 in Bing and getting some great traffic. As it's encouraged by Google I moved the site from http to https. My site dropped instantly from Bing and now 5 months later it's still #22 and getting no search engine traffic. I used 301 redirects. I checked my Bing webmaster tools and Bing is still crawling the same number of pages as before the move. Is there anything I should check or anything I can do?

Also let this be a warning to anybody else who ranks well in Bing who is thinking of switching to https!!!
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    Adding SSL seems like such an innocent thing to people since Google recommended it but Google doesn't do a good job at getting the word out that in terms of SEO its a MAJOR change.

    Don't feel alone this has happened to a lot of people at WF. I've had to help a few people this year with it. basically it msut be done right or you lose the effect of incoming links to your pages (a major ranking factor)

    did you check the url structure of your site as compared to incoming links? crawled it internally for dead navigation?

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    Also, make sure the redirects were done properly. I saw one recently where the developer redirected all of the HTTP pages to the HTTPS version of the home page, which screwed up the whole site.

    If you were not using relative links, I would also manually switch all your internal links instead of relying on the redirects.
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    You have to check the backlinks validity if they are still pointing to your site.


    this is another reason why you shouldn't put all your eggs in the seo basket.
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    Have you checked if the backlinks are indexed and pointing to your website? I have just installed SSL certificate, I too am waiting for my backlinks to get indexed.
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