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What is the true difference between Alexa rank and Google rank? Can anyone put forward a clear distinction?
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    What do you mean by Google rank? First make it clear.
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    Hi friend,
    I am sorry to say. I can't understand your question. Can you clear me, What did you mean by Google Rank?
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    Alexa Rank is calculated with the visitors of your site

    Google Rank, you mean PR? it is no more.
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    Your question is not clear. But, Here is my answer:

    Alexa Rank is a third party tool to measure your website traffic. Alexa ranking increase or decrease based on your website visitors.

    Google Rank - There is no Google rank.

    Google Analytics is the tool to measure your website traffic or visitors.
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    In my opinion Page rank is given by Google from 0 to 10. Ten is the maximum page rank of the website.

    Alexa rank is just opposite to it, lower the Alexa rank, website gets more traffic and popularity in search engines.
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    Alexa Rank Checker is the easiest and fastest way to simultaneously collect Alexa Rank, incoming Links, and the Status of multiple websites.
    PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.
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    This Question is asked as "What is difference between Page rank and Alexa RAnk".Basically page rank is calculated as 0 to 10.This shows your site importance in google and also determine your authority and reliability on google algorithm.
    Whereas Alexa rank determine on your traffic that how much traffic you have.
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    Google rank is actually the place of your website listing in google results for any particular keyword and Alexa rank is basically based upon your website traffic.
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    Both rankings do not matter in your blog or website ranking. Alexa rank is just a stat about your website. Some years ago google was considering 'PR (Page ranking)' as ranking factor but not now.
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  • Alexa rank gives an insight into your website traffic and popularity

    Now Google rank part -
    • Did you intend "SERPS"
    • Or PR ?
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    what is google rank? alexa rank is the only place you can find the proper ranking of your website in the world and in your local country.
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    very good info. thank you so much.
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    Alexa provides comparative analytics so that website owners can compare how their traffic compares to other websites. Alexa differs fundamentally from Google Analytics because Google Analytics provides much more detailed information about the individual website and some comparative information via it's benchmarking feature.
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    Google Rank: It's very simple i mean where your website exist on google page for a particular Keyword.
    Alexa Rank: It'd depend on many factors like Your website visitors, Backlinks, keyword position and many more things.
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    Alexa rank depends on visitors if you have more visitors you will get better alexa rank. Google Rank is search value.
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  • Alexa Rank - No of Traffic Per day
    Google Rank - No of visitors per day
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