Proper way to write site title, description, tagline for Wordpress?

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Hi everyone,

Can you help us out and let us know what is the proper way to set and write out the following for our site:

1. website title
2. website description
3- website tagline

We understand that in Wordpress's setting --> general setting section, we can set our site title and tagline, or we were also told we can Yoast's SEO plugin to set them. We are a bit confused which one to use, or we should do both?

If we ought to do it using Yoast plugin, which section can we perform this task? Because our site's landing page is a customized page, can we simply click edit page, and edit the snippet at Yoast plugin's field?

Does tagline means the same thing as website description? If not, where can we set our website description?

Thank you so much for your help and support in advance!
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