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Hi All,

Can anyone guide me on, How to create an effective Meta Description?
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    Meta Description should have 155-160 characters enough to attract prospects with your keywords and call to action.

    Good luck.

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    Meta description tags generally should be approximately 150-160 characters long so the whole tag fits on Search Engine Results Pages when it is displayed and people can read it at a quick glance.
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    It is very important to create an effective Meta Description as it helps the visitor to know about the page link and also helps to boost Google ranking.

    One can write effective meta description by including target keywords and proper call to action. The Ideal length of meta description is 150-160 characters try to convince visitors within this character limit.
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    //How to create an effective Meta Description?//
    example : If your post is about NOKIA 72
    Your meta description should look like : Nokia 72 reveiw, price, details, expected launch date, comparison, specification, .....

    it should summerise your post under 160 characters
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    Originally Posted by JeniAnderson View Post

    Hi All,

    Can anyone guide me on, How to create an effective Meta Description?
    You might start with defining what your idea of "Effective" is. The meta description is not so much an SEO element as it is a conversion element - assisting in your CTR. If you don't believe me look at pretty much any google search and poke into the top 10 listings and see that many pages will not have Description data at all. Google uses onpage text when the Description data is not present.

    So why add Description Data? Think of it as having some control over what an end user reads to choose your link vs the other 9 on the page. It is basically ad text. With testing you can actually increase the CTR of your page by changing the Description tag.

    For ME an "effective" Description tag is one that gets clicks - regardless of where a search engine has it listed.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Meta description must include all the important information of your page or website into 150-160 character.
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    The Meta Should be 150-160 character snippet, its main purpose is to get the visitor from Google to click your link.
    The content of meta should be active voice, call to action, focus keyword adds, match with content, and must be unique.
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    There are some pretty good answers here, but here's my 2c:

    Your meta should be 155-160 characters BUT do not stuff all of your keywords ever - make it sound like a sales pitch where you have your main keyword

    As stated above, meta description is a tool in seo but it's very important for click through rate - so write a relevant one

    let's talk about the meta title:

    in the meta title you should go 55-60 chars in length with spaces

    there you should try to have your main kw in the first half of the title and then add a little CTA too!

    hope this helps
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