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I did three month SEO (good onpage and off page)but i did not get rank in google. I checked where is the problem step by step but i did not found any problem. Anyone can help me, my keyword is very low compitive "best computer repairs melbourne"
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    First of all analyze your Keyword search volume, Then update the well optimized content to your blogs with using LSI keywords.
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    I want to see your website.
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    Melbourne AU or Melbourne FL?

    I think ranking in either case becomes a bit more difficult than any of the terms stats may indicate due to it being a "Local" term. in both cases you have 20+ sites that are targeting a local audience - or are striving for the 3 pack in this term.

    I would say that in the case of the Florida instance, good solid onpage SEO should get you in the top 10 at least ( or that is my experience anyways )
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    There are things you can do for localized SEO. Google Places, business, maps are all good to start. One thing you could do is repair local businesses' computers and ask if they'd link to your site. You could offer them a discount or ongoing repair at a discounted rate, if they'd do that. It's win/win for you.
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    I didn't look to hard.. but do you have content targeting your keywords a bit more directly? like a page for Tablet repair, or android repair, or apple repair? I might suggest some content that is manufacturer specific how to do the bare minimum fixes like a hard reset ( IE apples menu and power button hold. or Samsungs Power and volume up button hold. )

    The other aspect of a Local website is understanding how Googles GEO engine works in your area. Meaning where does Google stop displaying Melbourne listings and start displaying say Cocoa Beach or Palm bay? you can drive to these areas with your phone and do a search like "Computer repair" and see where specifically these changes occur. ( the Serps content will change in the 3 pack )

    It may occur at a far more localized area like West Melbourne or June Park. Look at places like the Target at Mintons Corner that actually has a "Melbourne Village" address as an example. But the Lowes still has a Melbourne address... so understanding how that plays out with Google, and search is really important for you to understand the level of work that may be needed.

    The bottom line is you want to increase business, and by throwing a greter net, you stand a better chance at getting listings that may do better than others.... and you may target areas that say people work in by day, but you are on the way to work or home.

    Best of luck!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    you need to increase your backlinks and bookmarking for this keyword...
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