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Hi friends, I have gaming app which is in Google play store. Please suggest how to promote my app(not paid). Please Explain, How different a mobile app promotion is different from normal website. Thanking you in advance.
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    In marketing the minute it becomes an APP? the question is always now what? The now what is treat it in terms of marketing as if it were a product.

    If you think about an app being a "Product" your ideas of how to market it change.. you would build a website.. you would leave comments on parallel blogs.. you would do all of the things you would do selling a product...

    Really no different than selling a toaster. Understand who is going to use your app... ( Identify ) target those people and bring them to a site.. Qualify them as wanting your app, then close the deal. ( send them to iTunes / Google Play to get it )
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Below are some tried and tested strategies for getting your app noticed by those that matter to you:

    App Review Sites

    If you Google App review sites, you will get tons in your search. Pitch your app to sites and they can generate a lot of buzz if they mention it in a review.


    Getting press is by far the best way to generate a lot of noise for your app. When you're able to tell a story about how your app came about, writers and their audiences will love it. An app is a product, so it only makes sense to use this strategy. With people sometimes lost in the world of apps, make yours stand out with a great story. The story should be entertaining and find a practical spot in people's lives and hearts.

    Content Marketing

    By utilizing content such as a blog post, ebook, white paper or case study that steers your intended audience to your site, with a clear call to action that communicates how your app can help them, you can generate a lot of downloads. Implement as many sharing capabilities as you possibly can. Showing catchy videos with real people using your app or using real life situations will help you connect with your intended target more organically and will increase your video content's virality. The power of video not only tells, but also SHOWS.

    Social Media

    One way messages in the appropriate forums on Facebook are good, but tying your message into active conversations is a great way to go. Create a cool icon that shows up with your posts and immerse yourself in the conversation.
    Twitter is great for connecting with those who are part of your target audience.Twitter / Search should be your best friend.

    Make it FREE

    They say the best things in life are free and with your app, it should be no different. You can always put a price on your app, but encourage downloading for free at launch. Your free promotion is newsworthy and should be communicated everywhere possible, with the goal being bringing your customers the best user experience.

    App of the Day Services

    To have your app featured on of these services could provide a huge boost to your app downloads. These are highly trafficked sites that can help you get your app in front of a lot of potential users. It also helps build a loyal fan base. These services are well respected and held in high regard among app users.
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    You can share and recommend it by sharing its link on Facebook, Whatsapp and every possible business page you have on social media. This will work for limited audience and if you want rapid increase in downloads, you have no other option than paid one or ASO!
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    huge number of developers and app owners don't know the first thing about promoting their app because they want to develop an mobile app that it and they dont know how to promote their websites to promote your app are Product Hunt
    Launching Next
    The Startup Pitch
    Rate My Startup
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    Through SMS
    Email marketing
    Offline Event sponsorship
    TV and Magazine ads
    Gadget sites and tech blogs
    Banners on other apps
    Upgrade in google play store and Ios.
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    What is the app about? I would probably consider creating relevant content and then filtering some of that viewership to your app with a special offer.

    You should also consider Facebook/Instagram advertisements. Identify some key influencers in your apps related niche and try to work out a deal to have them promote it to their followers.
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    The best way to promote the mobile app are as follows:

    1. App Submission
    2. Email Marketing
    3. Social Media Marketing
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    8 Ways to Promote Your App

    1) Website
    2) Social Media
    3) Public Relations
    4) App Store Optimization (ASO)
    5) Search Ads
    6) Influencer/Celebrity endorsements
    7) Traditional Advertising/In-Store
    8) Word of mouth/buzzworthy
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    There are huge ways and opportunities to promote Mobile Apps. I'm going to show you some most used and common ways to promote your mobile app. I don't know if you're planning to build a app or you've already build one.
    If you're planning, then follow these.

    1. Find a Catchy and High Searched Keyword for Your App Name
    2. Keep Eye on Competition, But App Competitor is not like other Keyword research things
    3. Build Your App
    4. Do Advertising on Low Quality Traffic Sites for Some Reach
    5. Facebook Group PosTing and Page Post Promotion
    6. Invite Friends to Install and Share
    7. Do offline advertising.
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    Increase your visibility on social media groups & communities, especially Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook, to become better known among entrepreneurs & app developers go.
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    Find different places online to promote your app. Visit various sites, forums, etc. where people might have an interest in a gaming app. Contribute to the discussion and community and include a link where allowed and when it is appropriate.

    If you haven't already, create Social Media pages as well: Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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    You can spread your app by sharing the links Socaial networks on Facebook, twitter, Google+, pintrest, Linked-In and Whatsapp and every possible business pages and groups.

    For offline marketing
    1.) Bulk SMS Marketing
    2.) Email marketing
    3.) TV ads, Magazine and Hoardings ads
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    You need to submit your application to play store / iTunes, after this, the need of content marketing, social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more. You can also promote through the offline medium if it delivers great services for everyone.
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    You can promote your app through ASO. Share your app on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. and try to get genuine review on your app.
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    Perhaps, advertising in third-party applications and contextual advertising will help you.
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    I think the best ways of promoting mobile app these days in trend is forwarding its link through WhatsApp and recommending it to friends and requesting them to forward recommendation if they love it!
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    Have you tried AdWords?
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